Other’s Vietnam Pictures

Dave Hulsey’s E/2/3 Squad in the DMZ

Mike Wynn submissions (B/1/3 1967)

“Bird’s” (George Angilan’s- passed in 2009) Nam Pictures C/1/3 60MM Mortars Oct 67 to Nov 68)

Bless’s (Ray Blessinger’s) Vietnam Pictures C/1/3 60MM Mortars May 67 to Mar 68

Sgt Bonnie’s (Clyde Bonnelyeke)Nam Photos C/1/3 3rd Platoon then Weapons Sgt Oct 67 to May 68

Sobie’s (Tom Sobranski’s) Nam Photos C/1/3 60MM Mortars Nov 66 to Dec 67

Bill Taylor’s Nam Photos C/1/3 2nd Platoon Feb 67- Jan 68

Larry Hargrave 3rd Platoon Charlie 1/3 Feb 67 to Mar 68 (Larry passed Dec 24, 2008-He had said he “Hoped to make it to a Reunion-never did” ! His widow sent me his Nam pictures!

Ed Kalwara C/1/3 Weapons-Machine Guns 1967