Other’s Vietnam Pictures

Dave Hulsey’s E/2/3 Squad in the DMZ

Mike Wynn submissions (B/1/3 1967)

“Bird’s” (George Angilan’s- passed in 2009) Nam Pictures C/1/3 60MM Mortars Oct 67 to Nov 68)

Bless’s (Ray Blessinger’s) Vietnam Pictures C/1/3 60MM Mortars May 67 to Mar 68

Sgt Bonnie’s (Clyde Bonnelyeke)Nam Photos C/1/3 3rd Platoon then Weapons Sgt Oct 67 to May 68

Sobie’s (Tom Sobranski’s) Nam Photos C/1/3 60MM Mortars Nov 66 to Dec 67

Bill Taylor’s Nam Photos C/1/3 2nd Platoon Feb 67- Jan 68

Larry Hargrave 3rd Platoon Charlie 1/3 Feb 67 to Mar 68 (Larry passed Dec 24, 2008-He had said he “Hoped to make it to a Reunion-never did” ! His widow sent me his Nam pictures!

Ed Kalwara C/1/3 Weapons-Machine Guns 1967

Pictures taken by William E Fitzgerald during his tour with unknown Company from 1st Bn/ 3rd Marines from May 1966 till May 1967. Pictures submitted to be shared with Marines in the pictures, by Karen (Fitzgerald) Marino.

Pictures from Milton D (Doug) McCarthy C/1/3 2nd Plt 1966 till Aug 17, 1967 WIA Operation Cochise in Que Son Valley. Says pictures of his squad, his best friend Donald Smith known as “Smitty”, and he is in a lot of them!