3rd Mar Div Assn

The Third Marine Division  Association
The 1st Battalion 3rd Marines is an official chapter of the Third Marine Division Association. Though this web site is open to all who served with 1/3, membership in the Association is required to be a voting member of our chapter. If you are not a member, we encourage you to do so. It will most likely be the second best organization you have ever joined. Benefits of being a Chapter in the 3rd Division Association All of the logistics of organizing meeting facilities, hotel rooms, and activities have already been set up for us. We have a large number of members who regularly attend the Annual Reunions. The Association’s newsletter gives us a forum to spread the word about our chapter to Marines who might not hear of us other wise. We are able to enjoy the company of Marines of other units and eras at our reunions. By unifying as an official chapter, we can become a more powerful voice in the Association’s policy making decisions. Visit the Association’s web site at www.caltrap.com to get information on how to become a member.