Thanks again to everyone for your ongoing patience as we work to get the new format completed. For those that have submitted information via the Muster In page, rest assured, we have received your entries, and are working to get those roster pages updated. Currently, we are attempting to retrieve some roster lists that are a bit more updated than what we have at the moment, so it will take just a little longer to get those pages fully updated for you. Also, we will be bringing back the reunion pages, so we can share some pictures and memories of those visits. I will be updating these blog posts as we continue to make progress for you, and again, we thank you for your ongoing patience.

Happy holidays to everyone! We appreciate your patience as we work hard to rebuild your site. We will be adding back content that you are used to seeing, along with implementing a few design changes along the way to make things easier to find and enjoy.

Again, we appreciate you standing by while we get things back up and running.