1 / 3 In Vietnam

1/3 In Vietnam

In the early days of the war, the Third Marines were called into action to protect the American air base at Danang. The Third Marines were part of the first fighting forces to be inserted to Vietnam in 1965. Their first areas of operation were centered around Danang then moved south to help protect the new base at Chu Lai. During this period, the Marines were under orders to serve only as a defensive force, allowing the South Vietnamese (ARVN) to conduct offensive operations. As the war escalated and more American troops were deployed in country, the Third Marines were sent north to the city of Quang Tri where they could be of service blocking the NVA from infiltrating into the South. Eventually, 3rd Marine Division moved its headquarters to the town of Dong Ha, just ten miles south of the DMZ. Dong Ha was strategic because of its location at the junction of Hwy 1 which ran north and south up the coast, and Hwy 9 which ran east and west to the Laotian border. The landscape in this area was everything from rugged, mountains to rolling sand dunes; from rice paddies to triple canopy jungle. The Third Marines were no longer limited to strictly defensive operations and were actively engaged in search and destroy missions, hunting out and stopping the NVA who attempted to cross into the South. In September of 1969, the 3rd Marines received orders to stand down and were out of Vietnam by mid October.

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Republic of VIETNAM 1965 thru 1969
Compiled by Don Bumgarner and Ron Asher (C Company)

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1965 07Mar65 to 12Mar65 

DEPLOYMENT to VIETNAM Province: Quang Nam Units: 1st BN./ 3RD MARINES was ordered DEPLOYED by 9TH M.E.B. from OKINAWA to DA NANG, RVN. The first six C-130’s carried members of Charlie Co., arriving in the morning hours of 08Mar65. C/1/3 was assigned defensive and perimeter guard at the Airbase of Da Nang. Deployment by 1/3 was completed on 12Mar65, with ARVN Compound-Da Nang and L/3/9 in the area(per CD Rom). (Per HAMMOND- Vietnam Conflict Map, indicates 8Mar65, First U.S. Combat Troops land in Vietnam as two Marine Battalions come ashore near Da Nang. Apparently those two Battalions were 1/3 and 3/9). 17Mar65 ***** 1/3 unk Company- Accidental Detonation of land mine/Friendly 1-Wia *****

07Apr65 to 30Apr65 

Province: Quang Nam Units: 1ST BN./ 3RD MARINES, assumed defense of dominate terrain west of the Airfield at Da Nang, to include Hills 327, 268, 262- Complex. Also Hills 368, 312, and 278-Complex with B/1/3 and C/1/3 relieving I/3/9 and M/3/9 on 07Apr65(CD Rom).

12Apr65 ***** 1/3- Member 106mm Recoilless Rifle platoon Injured when M-274 vehicle over turned on him 1-Injury ***** 16Apr65 ***** 1/3- Recon Listening Post/Ambushed/5-VC/one member slightly injured around the eyes, by splinters, when a bullet struck a tree next to his face 1-Wia ***** 22Apr65 ***** 1/3- Recon patrol Ambushed/Company size VC unit 1-Wia ***** 22Apr65 ***** 1/3- Accidental Discharge Rifle in command post area/Friendly fire/one man slightly wounded 1-Wia(possibly) ***** 26Apr65 ***** 1/3- Accidental Discharge Pistol/Friendly fire/Corpsman shot self in his leg 1-Wia(possibly) ***** 27Apr65 ***** Co. A- Combat patrol/Sniper fire/Booby Traps 2-casualities from mines, 1-casuality from Punji trap, and 1-small-arms fire 4-Wia’s ***** 28Apr65 ***** Co. C- 6-Heat Casualities evacuated, 6-Injuries ***** 29Apr65 ***** Co. B- Combat patrol/Sniper 1-Wia ***** 30Apr65 ***** Co. D- Corpsman sprained ankle evacuated, 1-Injury *****

There were no stats for the month of May,1965(CD Rom). *****

01Jun65 to 30 June65

Co. A- Two US ARMY Helicopters(UH-1B) fired Rockets and Machine-Gun Fire at elements of the Company. They made three passes initially ignoring smoke and wave-off signals by the troops. Then departed, Luckily NO Casualities. (Investigation by Regimental S-3 Conducted). ***** 03Jun65 to 05Jun65 Operation Order 327-65 Province: Quang Nam Units: 1/3(HQ-Battalion Command Group, Co’s A, C, and D). Object: Three day search and destroy sweep near THIA LAI village on both sides of the SONG YEN river. Cost: USMC – 3 KIA and 8 WIA with 57 ENEMY Captured, and unknown enemy KIA’s and WIA’s(CD Rom). 04Jun65 ***** Co. A- Combat patrol/Sniper fire/3-5VC/automatic weapons 3-Wia’s ***** 04Jun65 ***** Co. C- Sniper fire into position 1-Wia ***** 04Jun65 ***** Co. A- Sniper fire into position at dusk sustaining 3 wounded, 2-Died of Wounds after evacuation, 2-Kia’s and 1-Wia *****

05Jun65 ***** Co. C- Patrol approaching Village Ambushed from 3-directions/ Unk size enemy force wounding 4 Marines(1-DOW after being medivaced) Hill 22 area,1-Kia and 3-Wia’s ***** 09Jun65 ***** Co. B- Tank hit a Mine 1-Wia ***** 09Jun65 ***** Co. B- Accidental Discharge M-26 Grenade/ inside the company compound while turning ammo/Friendly Fire incident 3-Wia’s ***** 11Jun65 ***** 1/3 unk Company- Bobby Trapped Grenade 1-Wia ***** 29Jun65 ***** Co. D- 2nd Platoon with ARVN’s/Mine Explosion possibly 81mm Mortar, 5-Wia’s(also 2-ARVN Wia’s) ***** 30Jun65 ***** 1/3 after arriving in Vietnam on 08Mar65, participated in many Patrols, Ambushes, Sweeps (company, platoon, and squad sizes) and one Battalion size Operation. As of 30Jun65, 1/3 had sustained the following casualities(Booby Traps, Mines, Punji Pits, Sniper Fire, SAF, and Accidental) 3 KIA, 30 WIA, with 7 Injuries. Also 1/3 captured 88 VCS, and had 4 confirmed VCS-KIA’s with unknown other VCS KIA’s and WIA’s.

04Jul65 to 01Aug65

1/3 unk Company(possibly A)- Booby Trapped Grenade trip wire, 1-Wia ***** 07Jul65 ***** 1/3 unk Company- Point fire team crossing a stream an explosive charge detonated(Mine) 1-Kia and 3-Wia’s ***** 08Jul65 ***** Co. A- Accidental discharge rifle/Foot injury 1-Wia ***** 11Jul65 ***** Co. A- 2nd Squad, 2nd platoon enroute to night ambush site hit Mine, 2-Kia’s and 4-Wia’s ***** 12Jul65 ***** Co. A- Mine explosion, 1-Wia ***** 16Jul65 ***** Co. D- Partol Ambushed/1-rd 60mm mortat/small-arms 2-Wia’s and one Marine with broken arm evacuated ***** 17Jul65 ***** Co. D- Patrol hit Mine(M16A1 US made) installed by enemy, 1-Kia and 3-Wia’s ***** 17Jul65 ***** Co. D- Patrol hit another Mine/Attacked during Medivac small- arms additional wounded and a corpsman serving aboard the

helecopter as a air evacuation medical assistant was killed, 1-Kia and 5-Wia’s ***** 23Jul65 ***** Co. A- 3rd Platoon Patrol/Sniper fire 1-Wia ***** 25Jul65 ***** Co. D- Fire team patrol/Ambushed/3-VC 2-Wia’s ***** 30Jul65 ***** Co. B- Mine explosion 2-Kia’s and 1 Wia ***** 30Jul65 ***** Co. C- a listening post was discovered with the occupants dead. Circumstances indicate the Marines died of electrical shock caused by Lightning 3-Kia’s ***** 31Jul65 ***** For the month of July, 1/3 had encountered more enemy in Quang Nam Province in their TAOR, and sustained the following casualities 8 KIA and 28 WIA’s. 1/3 also captured 22 VCS and had 10 VCS-KIA’s.(CD Rom). *****

02Aug65 to 31Aug65 BLAST OUT I 

Province: Quang Nam Units: 1/3 Object: Search and destroy sweeps north and west of Da Nang, unknown results(CD Rom). 14Aug65 ***** Co. B- Booby Trapped gate 2-Wia’s(1-officer) ***** 18Aug65 ***** Co. A-Accidental Discharge Rifle/wound in leg 1-Wia ***** 21Aug65 ***** Co. A- Sniper fire into lines 1-Kia ***** 24Aug65 ***** Co. B- 2-Grenades into lines 1-Wia ***** 31Aug65 ***** For the month of August, 1/3 was involved in operation of Blast Out I, and sustained 1 KIA and 4 WIA’s. 1/3 captured 13 VCS and had 5 VCS-KIA’s. On 31Aug65, 1/3 was relieved by 1/1, and boarded the U.S.S. BAYFIELD at Museum Beach for departure from the RVN. 1/3 possibly went back to Okinawa to re-group and re-train.

The monthly stats for September/ October 1965 are not available.

1/3 returned to Vietnam for the month of December, 1965(CD Rom). ***** 22Nov65 ***** Co. D- Unknown Type Amtrac accident crossing a river with unknown men lost(Body of S/Sgt TABOR later recovered) at least 1-Kia ***** 02Dec65 ***** Co. A- Patrol member fell into revine, medivaced 1-Injury *****

04Dec65 ***** Co. A- One squad from Company provided cover for attempted recovery of Amtracs and bodies of USMC personnel lost in accident 11Nov65(Amtrac sinking at mouth of CA DE River) from 0700-1700 hrs *****

09Dec65 to 23Dec65 HARVEST MOON

Province: Quang Tin, 23 miles N/W of Chu Lia in Phuoc Ha and Que Son Valley Area. Units: 3 rd Mar Div(HQ), 3rd, 9th, and 7th Marines Object: D/1/3 assisted as reserve, and participated in operation. Cost: Unknown cost to D/1/3(CD Rom). 21Dec65 ***** A Badly decoposed body was found on the North bank of the CA DE River near NAM O Bridge. Body believed to be that of S/Sgt TABOR, D/1/3, missing since Amtrac accident on 22Nov65 ***** 24Dec65 ***** Co. A- Night patrol/Ambushed 1-Kia and 1-Wia ***** 30Dec65 ***** Co. C- 2 Injuries medivaced( 1-injured knee from patrol, 1-with snake bite) 2-Injured ***** 31Dec65 *****1/3 for the month of December, operated in the Da Nang area of Quang Nam Province. 1/3 sustained 1 KIA and 1 WIA for the month. 1/3 also captured 26 VCS during December. Unknown when 1/3 returned to Vietnam, but there was mention of a body of D/1/3 S/SGT who had been lost 22Nov65 in Amtrac accident while crossing a river(CD Rom). *****


03Jan66 to 08Jan66 LONG LANCE 

Province: Quang Nam Units: 1/1, A/1/3 Object: A/1/3 assisted 1/1 on operation(CD Rom). 11Jan66 to 17Jan66 MALLARD Province: Quang Nam Units: 3rd Mar(HQ), 1/3, 3/7 Object: ***** Search and Destroy operation, assisted by G/3/7, and D/1/1 took over defensive positions of 1/3. Per CD Rom operation started on the 10th of January. ***** Cost: ***** Per CD Rom 1/3 credited with 13 VCS-KIA and 4 VCS

WIA. 1/3 had NO casualities for operation. *****

19Jan66 ***** Co. D- A squad from the company being farried across the Song Ca De River to a night ambush site on the north bank, a fire team at the time reported that the boat capsized, and sank after striking a sand bar. Two men were missing as a result of the accident. A search and rescue operation supported by LVT’s and helecopters was unable to locate the 2 missing Marines. 2-Mia’s (presumed drowned) ***** 

21Jan66 ***** Company A/1/3 was transferred to 1/7 and redesignated as B/1/7. B/1/7 joined this Battalion and assumed A/1/3 ***** 21Jan66 ***** Co. C- Squad night ambush/Ambushed/ small-arms 1-Wia *****

26Jan66 ***** 1/3 unk Company- Two Vietnamese women rowed three Viet Cong dressed as farmers across the CA DE River from TRUNG DINH. The Viet Cong surprised a Marine outpost(checkpoint) and killed them(weapons missing-1-rifle and 1-pistol). The Viet Cong fled to the mountains west of the TAOR. The women were captured in a search of TRUNG DINH on the 28th of January 2-Kia’s ***** 31Jan66 ***** 1/3 for the month January, sustained 4 KIA, 11 WIA, and 2 Drowned. 1/3 also captured 7 VCS, with 13 VCS-KIA’s, and 5 VCS-WIA’s for the month (CD Rom). *****

05Feb66 to 06Feb66 ROUGH RIDER 

Province: Quang Nam,Thau Thien Unit: D/1/3 Object: Company D provided security and protection for Truck Convoy from Da Nang to Hue/ Phu Bia and return(CD Rom). 07Feb66 ***** Co. D- Night patrol/fire-fight/3-VC (1-Wia medivaced Died of Wounds) 1-Kia ***** 09Feb66 ***** Co. D- Night ambush/Crossing river on Amtrac/Ambushed/ 8-VC/small-arms 1-Wia(a LVT crewman also Wia) ***** 14Feb66 ***** Co.C- Lead Amtrac of 3 involved in transportation of elements involved in S&D operation at Truang Dinh hit a land Mine 5-Kia’s, 21-Wia’s, and 1-ARVN-Kia *****


Province: Quang Nam, Thau Thien Unit: C/1/3 Object: Security for Truck Convoy to Hue/ Phu Bia and return(CD Rom). 25Feb66 ***** Co. D- Night squad ambush/Received 1-Grenade into their position from 1-VC 2-Wia’s ***** 26Feb66 ***** Co. D- Patrol/Bobby Trap 1-Wia ***** 28Feb66 ***** Co. A- A squad patrol and a squad ambush, both from the Company, became disoriented and left their designated routes, and encountered each other. Both units opened fire/Friendly Fire incident 4-Kia’s and 8-Wia’s ***** 28Feb66 ***** For the month of February 1/3 sustained 10 KIA and 18 WIA, from enemy contact in the TAOR. 3 men also died of unknown causes. Also 1/3 captured 3 VCS, with 3 VCS-KIA and 10 VCS-WIA’s(CD Rom). *****

01Mar66 ***** Co. B- A squad at an night ambush position, lost radio contact with its CP and commenced return to CP in accordance with instructions. On the way to the CP, this squad encountered another squad from the same platoon returning to the CP on its patrol route. The point of the patrol unit fired one round at the returning ambush unit/Friendly fire incident 1-Kia ***** 07Mar66 ***** Co. D- platoon patrol/Booby Trapped Grenade 2-Wia’s ***** 30Mar66 ***** Co. D- A squad on patrol opened fire on two members of the point element of the patrol who had lost the trail and had moved to the flank of the main body. 6-8 rounds fired/Friendly fire incident 1-Wia ***** 31Mar66 ***** For the month of March 1/3 sustained 1 KIA and 4 WIA’s. 1/3 also captured 5 VCS, with 1 VCS-KIA and 3 VCS-WIA’s in it’s TAOR. D/1/1 was attached to 1/3 and assisted on three Rough Rider operations to Hue/ Phu Bia(CD Rom). ***** 01Apr66 to 11Apr66 ORANGE Province: Quang Nam Unit: 1/3 Object: ***** Search and destroy operation led by 1/3(HQ), and assisted by units D/1/1, I/3/3, H/3/3, C/1/4, and C/1/5. Credited with 57 VCS-KIA’s and 35 VCS-WIA’s-probable. USMC casualities for the operation 3 KIA’s and 18WIA’s assisting units per CD Rom. *****

17Apr66 ***** Co. C- Night patrol detected 4-VC/Fire-fight/ squad reinforced with RF personnel/Grenade into group 4-Wia’s and 3-RF forces- Wia’s ***** 17Apr66 ***** Co. B- Early morning attack on out post and lines/2-squads VC/ 2 hour battle 1-Wia ***** 22Apr66 ***** Co. D- Night squad ambush going to site/Booby Trapped Grenade 1-Wia ***** 24Apr66 ***** Co.1/3 unk Company- Night fire-team ambush/Contact Fire-fight with 2-VC/Attacked by 5 additional VC/reinforced by squad 1-Wia ***** 28Apr66 ***** Co. D- Platoon patrol base being established/Ambushed/4-VC/ 10-15 Small-arms rounds 1-Wia(Platoon Commander) ***** 31Apr66 ***** 1/3 reported for the month of April sustaining 14 KIA’s and 33 WIA’s(possibly alot assisting units on operation Orange included), with one man Died of unknown causes. 1/3 also had 19 VCS captured, 63 VCS-KIA’s and 35 VCS-WIA’s. D/1/1 still attached to 1/3 conducted three more Rough Rider operations to Hue/ Phu Bia and returned. 1/3 from log entries possibly only sustained 1 KIA and 8 WIA’s for the month(CD Rom). *****

04May66 to 05May66 COUNTY FAIR 

Province: Quang Nam Unit: 1/3 unknown companies with possible ARVN unit. Object: Psychological operations: Audio-Visual teams showed movies and handed out leaflets and pamphlets in conjunction with a “County Fair” in village of NIEU THACH SAN. No enemy contact(CD Rom). 11May66 to 19May66 CORMORANT 3-1 Province: Quang Nam Units: D/1/3 and Recon 1/3 Object: Search and Destroy mission. Cost: No USMC casualities, and 6VCS-KIA(CD Rom). 17May66 ***** Co. C- Night squad patrol/Ambushed/3-VC 1-Wia ***** 19May66 ***** Co. B- Road Block/Fire-team/Ambushed/Unknown number of VC 2-Kia’s, 2-Wia, and 3 M-14 rifles taken/stolen ***** 22May66 ***** Co. C- Squad patrol member stepped in a Bear Trap/Leg bruised unknown if 1-Injury or Wia*****

29May66 ***** Co. D- Night patrol/Ambushed/Small-arms fire and Grenades 2-Wia’s ***** 31May66 ***** For the month of May 1/3 sustained 2 KIA and 5 WIA’s with one Died of desease. Also 1/3 captured 9 VCS, with 7 VCS-KIA’s and 2 VCS-WIA’s. D/1/1 still attached to 1/3 conducted a Rough Rider operation to Hue/Phu Bia and returned(CD Rom). ***** 01Jun66 to 07Jun66 CORMORANT 3-2 Province: Quang Nam Unit: C/1/3 Object: Search and Destroy mission. Cost: No apparent casualities(CD Rom). 03Jun66 ***** Co. B- Night squad ambush/prior to site/1-Grenade incoming 1-Wia *****

10Jun66 to 11Jun66 COUNTY FAIR 

AN DINH Province: Quang Nam Units: D/1/3 and H&S/1/3 Object: Above units with District and Regional Forces conducted County Fair in An Dinh village(CD Rom). 13Jun66 to 16Jun66 ROUGH RIDER Province: Quang Nam, Thau Thien Unit: A/1/3 Object: Company A furnished protection to convoy to Phu Bia and back to Da Nang(CD Rom). 16Jun66 to 17Jun66 ROUGH RIDER-SOUTH Province: Quang Nam, Quang Tin, Tam Ky Unit: A/1/3-two platoons Object: Provided security and protection for truck convoy from Da Nang to Tam Ky in connection with 1st Mar Division Operation “KANSAS”, and return. Another platoon from A company provided security for a second truck convoy on 17Jun66 from Da Nang to Tam Ky and back(CD Rom).

June 1966 LIBERTY

 Province: Thau Thien ***** On 19Jun66 after Battery W/1/13 recieved 6 rounds of 60mm mortar fire, companies A, C, and D of 1/3 suported by LVT’s conducted a series of intensive search and clear operations held within the 1/3 TAOR in connection with Operation “LIBERTY”. These operations are to be continued and inten- sified by means of a “ROUND UP” operation. These operations till 29Jun66 ended with 1/3 sustaining 8 WIA’s, and capturing 42 VCS. Also 1 confirmed VCS-KIA and 10 probable KIA’s. (CD Rom). ***** 27Jun66 ***** Co. B- A 60mm mortar round being fired at a defensive position of the 3rd Platoon, detonated about 4 feet out of the tube/Friendly Fire incident/Accident 5-Wia’s ***** 28Jun66 ***** 1/3- Two S-2 Scouts on the Battalion OP/Booby Trapped Grenade 2-Wia’s ***** 30Jun66 ROUNDUP Province: Thau Thien Units: 1/3(Companies A, C, and D), and Co A, 1st AmTrac Bn. Object: Search and clearing operation in AP THUY TU village, attempting to capture wanted suspects. Cost: There was NO enemy contacts, no casualities(CD Rom). 30Jun66 ***** For the month of June 1/3 sustained 9 WIA’s and 0 KIA’s with 46 VCS captured, 11 VCS-KIA and 10 probable VCS-KIA’s Operation “LIBERTY” totals included(CD Rom).*****

03Jul66 ***** Co.B- Night patrol/Ambushed/received 10 rounds Small-arms fire/9-10 VC fled area 1-Wia ***** 04Jul66 to 14Jul66 MACON Provinces: Quang Nam & Thua Thien (An Hoa Industrial Complex) Units: 9th Mar(HQ), 3/9, 1/3, 3/3 Object: Operation to CLEAR the An Hoa area south of Da Nang. The main fighting ends on 14 July, but sweeps and patrols continue through 27Oct. Other participating units- 1/9, 2/9, and 2/3. Cost: USMC- 24 KIA and 173 WIA. The Regiment kills roughly 380 ENEMY. Per 3rdmarines-operations lists 507 Enemy KIA. ***** Per CD Rom, 1/3(Command Group, Companies A, D, and H&S) was attached to the 9th Marines for Operation “MACON” from the period 6-14Jul66. For the operation 1/3 reported capturing 23 VCS with 5 confirmed VCS-KIA’s, 2 probable VCS-KIA’s, and 1 probable VCS-WIA. No report of 1/3 casualities. Then the 1/3 Units were attached to TASK FORCE DELTA from the 15-31Jul66 for Operation “HASTINGS” ***** 07Jul66 ***** Co. C- Night/Early morning patrol/Booby Trapped Grenade/ 2-Wia’s and RF-Wia ***** 08Jul66 ***** Co. B- Night ambush returning from ambush site/3-incoming Grenades 2-Wia’s *****

11Jul66 ***** Co. B- Patrol encountered 3-VC/small-arms and 2-Grenades 2-Wia’s *****

15Jul66 to 03Aug66 HASTINGS 

Province: Quang Tri- North of ROCKPILE B/T Route 9 and DMZ, Ngan Valley-“Helicopter Valley”. Units: 2/1, 1/3, 2/4, 3/4, and 3/5; Artillery Battalion 3/12. Object: In the largest Marine operation to date in Vietnam FIVE BATTALIONS and ARTILLERY attack the NVA 324B Division, which has infiltrated across the DMZ. The main fighting 15 July to 3 Aug. area north of Rockpile. The operation had started 7 July with Task Force Delta 4th Mar(HQ), and other participating units 3/9, 1/1, 1st ARVN Division, and VMC. MAG-16 Helicopters flew 10,000 sorties and Attack Aircraft flew 1677 sorties (Stingray Tactics) during operation. Cost: USMC- 126 KIA and 448 WIA, ARVN loses- 21 KIA and 40 WIA, and ENEMY dead 880-PAVN. Per 3rdmarines- operations 3rd Mar Div operation in Quang Tri Province against NVA 324B Division in area of DMZ with 882 Enemy KIA and 183 U.S. KIA. ***** Per CD Rom, 1/3( Command Group Alpha, Companies A, B, D, and H&S) was attached to TASK FORCE DELTA from 15-31Jul66 for Operation “HASTINGS”. No casualty or enemy stats. ***** 19Jul66 ***** Co. C- Patrol night ambush crossing the CA DE River in an aluminum boat Sank/Accident/3 rescued by LVT, unable to find others 3-Mia ***** 20Jul66 ***** Co. C- Recovered one body of Marine from boat accident prior night 1-Kia ***** 21Jul66 ***** 1/3- Recovered other 2 Marines bodies from boat accident of 19Jul66 2-Kia’s ***** 27Jul66 ***** Co. C- Assisted unit E/2/3 on “County Fair- AN DINH” as blocking force ***** 31Jul66 ***** Company C remained in the 1/3 TAOR, and was assisted by units E/2/3, E/2/4, H/2/4,L/3/3, I/3/9 and L/3/9 through the month. 1/3 sustained 5 WIA’s and 5 KIA’s for the month of July. Also indicated captured 5 VCS, with 12 confirmed VCS-KIA’s and 7 probable VCS-KIA’s; and 2 probable VCS-WIA’s. There were three “County Fairs” and two “Rough Rider” convoys to Phu Bia and one “Rough Rider” convoy to Operation “HASTINGS-2” handled by other different assisting units. The enemy stats from Operation “Macon” not included above. Updated 1/3 month totals inflicted on the Enemy was 17-VC/KIA’s(confirmed), 9-VC/KIA’s (probable), 3-VC/WIA’s(probable), and capturing 28-VCS (CD Rom). ***** 01Aug66 ***** 1/3 relieved from Operation Hastings by Task Force Delta and returned to assigned sector of Da Nang TAOR by choppers. The returning Companies relieved those units that had replaced them. Company C was moved to Battalion Reserve in the Bn. C.P. area(CD Rom). *****

03Aug66 to 29Sep66 PRAIRIE I 

Province: Quang Tri- in Con Thien and Gio Linh areas of DMZ. Units: 3rd Mar Div(HQ), 1/3, 2/3, 3/3, 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 2/5, 2/7, 3/7, 2/9, 1/26, and 3/26. Object: III MAF opens reconnaissance effort and uses Stingray Tactics in area south of DMZ. Continues through 13 Sept. as operation Prairie to STOP NVA Divisions penetration into Quang Tri Province. On 29Sep66 Marine KC-130’s transports and land 1/3 and Artillery Battery 1/13 at the air field of KHE SANH, S/W of the Rockpile. C/1/3 is at Khe Sanh till operation Prairie ends 31Jan67. Cost: USMC- 200 KIA and 1000 WIA and ENEMY dead 1397-PAVN. ***** 1/3 was the Battalion in Reserve for Operation “Prairie I”, while in it’s TAOR in Da Nang area. 1/3 continued to be the Battalion in Reserve after it’s move to Khe Sanh, and assisted as needed in the overall operational plans(CD Rom). ***** 04Aug66 to 05Aug66 COUNTY FAIR 3-15 Province: Quang Nam Unit: D/1/3 Object: Combined operation with ARVN Regional Forces in AP QUAN NAM village. There was no enemy contact(CD Rom). 06Aug66 to 07Aug66 ROUGH RIDER-North Province: Quang Nam, Thau Thien Unit: C/1/3 Object: Convoy security to Phu Bia and return(CD Rom). 14Aug66 ***** 1/3 unk Company- Night Patrol(4-Marines and 4-ARVN RF)/ Ambushed/received 4-Grenades 3-Wia’s (4-Wia’s also of ARVN-RF’s) *****

15Aug66 to 19Aug66 CORMORANT 3-3 Province: Quang Nam, Unit: C/1/3 Object: Search and Destroy mission. No enemy contact(CD Rom).

16Aug66 COUNTY FAIR 3-19 

Province: Quang Nam Unit: B/1/3 Object: Company B assisted by elements of H&S and Regional ARVN Forces conducted operation in village of THANH VINH. There was no enemy contact, and only one day operation(CD Rom). 19Aug66 to 30Aug66 ALLEGHENY Province: Quang Nam Units: 2/3, C/1/3 Object: Company C attached to 2/3 for the operation(CD Rom). 28Jul66 ***** 1/3 unk Company- 3-Trucks from LAAM Battalion struck by fragments of Claymore type mine 3 Wia’s ***** 30Aug66 BLUE SPRINGS Province: Quang Nam Unit: C/1/3(one platoon) Object: Drone Recovery, no enemy contact(CD Rom). ***** Co. D- Two squads night patrols(PPB)/Engaged 3-5 VC/Area Illuminated/ one Marine injured by Artillery Illumination Canister 1-Wia ***** 30Aug66 ***** For the month of August 1/3 reported sustaining 3 WIA’s and 1 KIA with one other enlisted Died-Unknown why. Also 1/3 captured 2 VCS, had 4 VCS-KIA, and 2 VCS-WIA probable. (CD Rom). ***** 02Sep66 to 03Sep66 ROUGH RIDER-North Province: Quang Nam, Thau Thien, Quang Tri Unit: C/1/3 Object: Convoy security to Dong Ha and return(CD Rom).


Province: Quang Nam Unit: D/1/3 Object: Security for drone recovery, no enemy contact(CD Rom). 13Sep66 ***** 1/3 unk Company- Two Night squad patrols had an accidental encounter with each other/Friendly fire incident 2-Kia’s and 2-Wia’s ***** 14Sep66 ***** Co. C- Attached platoon of ARVN-RF’s/ Accidental Discharge Carbine rifle/ Friendly fire incident 1-Kia ***** 15Sep66 BLUE SPRINGS Province: Quang Nam Unit: C/1/3 Object: Provide security for photo drone recovery(CD Rom). 16Sep66 ***** Co. A- Squad patrol/Booby Trap-unknown type/Detonated 1-Wia ***** 17Sep66 ***** Co. D- Early morning squad patrol/Booby Trap unknown type/ Detonated 3-Wia’s ***** 18Sep66 BLUE SPRINGS Province: Quang Nam Unit: C/1/3 Object: Patrol from Company C provided security for drone recovery operation(CD Rom). 18Sep66 ***** Co. D-Night squad patrol was attacked by a herd of Wild Pigs injuring 3-Marines/Evacuated 3-Injuries/possible Wia’s ***** 21Sep66 ***** Co. A- Squad in night defensive position near KIM LIEN/Attacked by 10-20 VC/Reinforced by squad from NAM-O Bridge on Amtrac’s/1-VC Kia was found inside the squad’s perimeter 4-Kia’s and 1-Wia ***** 22Sep66 ***** Co. D- Night patrol/Booby Trap/Detonated 3-Wia’s ***** 23Sep66 ***** Co. D- Squad patrol/Booby Trap/Grenade causing Mine detonation 5-Wia’s *****

23Sep66 to 24Sept BLUE SPRINGS 

Province: Quang Nam Unit: C/1/3( squad) Object: Squad from Company C provided security for drone recovery, located but not removed, and relieved by Squad from H&S Company. The drone was recovered the next morning(CD Rom). 23Sep66 to 26Sep66 COUNTY FAIR 3-30 Province: Quang Nam Unit: C/1/3,H&S/1/3 Object: Companies C and H&S with local Forces conducted the operation in the village of KIM LIEN, where Company A had been attacked a few days prior. The operation started the night of the 23rd, with the forces in place on the morning of the 24th. Then concluded two days later. Cost: No friendly casualities, and 10 VCS captured(CD Rom).

30Sep66 ***** 1/3 (Command Group Alpha and three Companies A, B, and D) were deployed from Da Nang TAOR to reinforce the US Army Special Forces Camp at KHE SANH per reactivated Task Force Delta. Company C was attached to Bravo Command Group temporarily. Units from 2/3 and H/2/26 relieved our old TAOR(CD Rom). ***** 30Sep66 ***** For the month of September 1/3 reported 9 WIA’s and 9 KIA’s. 1/3 also captured 22 VCS, with 1 VCS-KIA, and 2 VCS- WIA’s probable. Per daily log entries 1/3 had 23 Wia’s and 3 Kia’s reported(CD Rom). *****

18Oct66 ***** Co.C- Squad patrol/Booby Trap/Detonated 1-Wia ***** 23Oct66 ***** Co. A- Squad patrol/Sniper fire/unk VC 2-Wia’s ***** 24Oct66 ***** Co. C- Listening Post/Attacked/Small-arms automatic fire 10 rounds 1-Wia ***** 31Oct66 ***** 1/3’s mission for the month of October was to occupy and defend the area surrounding the Khe Sanh Special Forces Camp, and the Airfield Complex against mortar and ground attack; to coordinate all operations with ARVN and U.S. Forces in the area; to conduct operations to detect any enemy activity in the assigned sector; and to conduct a Civic Action Program within its capabilities. 1/3 sustained 4 WIA’s and NO KIA’s, while capturing 3 VCS and 2 VCS-WIA’s probable for the month(CD Rom). ***** 10Nov66 ***** Co. H&S- Marine while checking suspicious person in front of perimeter shot by Sniper 1-Wia *****

30Nov66 ***** 1/3 continued to occupy and defend Khe Sanh Special Forces Base and Airfield during the month of November. 1/3 also participated through out the month with Operation “Prairie”. For the month 1/3 sustained 4 WIA’s and NO KIA’s with No VCS or kills(CD Rom). *****

03Dec66 ***** Co. B- Night patrol/Noises heard/Fire-fight 1-Wia ***** 09Dec66 ***** Co. A- Patrol leader fell into Punji Trap 1-Wia *****

31Dec66 ***** 1/3 still at Khe Sanh occupying and defending, and still participating in Operation “Prairie” as needed. A Truce over Christmas and New Years continued light enemy contact. 1/3 sustained 3 WIA’s and No KIA’s with 2 VCS-KIA’s probable and 1 VCS-WIA probable for the month of December (CD Rom). *****


13Jan67 ***** Co. A- Squad patrol/Enemy contact/6-VC/incoming Small-arms 2-Wia’s ***** 26Jan67 ***** Co. A- Sparrow Hawk platoon inserted to rescue a Force Recon unit under Enemy fire with causalities, CH-46 Helicopter Down unknown why, durning insertion of Company A. Air-strikes and Flare Ship on station through-out the night/Enemy contact light. Extraction successful the next morning !-Kia and 9-Wia’s (Including 2-wounded Recon Marines) ***** 31Jan67 ***** 1/3 continued to develop, maintain, and man perimeter defensive positions around Khe Sanh Airstrip and Facilities for the month. Twice during the month a thirty-man SPARROW HAWK was inserted to assist Force Reconnaissance Elements needing help. The end of the month was preparing for rotation to BLT and Deployment from Khe Sanh, to Da Nang, and out of RVN to OKINAWA. 1/3 sustained 17 WIA’s and 1 KIA while the enemy count was 15 VCS-KIA’s and 15 VCS-KIA’s probable for the month of January (CD Rom). *****

31Jan67 ***** The Battalion processed monthly Activity Reports from Dec 1965 (When the Battalion returned to Vietnam) till the end of Jan 1967. These reports show how busy the Battalion was for this 14 month period, and the following: PATROLS (including Ambushes) Squad size- 6314 Platoon size- 453 Company size- 12 Search and Destroy OPERATIONS Platoon size- 18 Company size- 30 Battalion size- 8 Combined(with other Units)- 8 For the period, from landing in Vietnam (Mar 1965) to the end of Jan 1967, 1/3 had sustained 60-KIA’s and 188-WIA’s, with 3- who had Died. 1/3 also claimed 149-VC/Kia’s(confirmed), 34-VC/Kia’s(probable), 59-VC/Wia’s(probable), and that 270 VCS had been captured (CD Rom). *****

Feb 67 to Apr 67 

1st Battalion 3rd Marines to OKINAWA and PHILIPPINES to REGROUP and RETRAIN as BLT-26, for assignment to SPECIAL LANDING FORCE – ALPHA. **The first part of the month of April was spent training for “Spec Ops” on Okinawa. The remainder of the month was devoted to Counter Guerrilla Warfare School, Demo-Landmine Training, and Jungle Lane/Trap line Indoctrination. The BLT then went to NB Subic Bay, Philippines for an additional three days training.**

28Feb67 ***** 1/3(most of 1/3) transferred from Khe Sahn to Da Nang via fixed wing aircraft on the 1st and 2nd of February. Company B remained at Khe Sahn, and was flown to Da Nang on the 6th. 1/3 assisted 3/1 re: security of the Marble Mountain Complex, and on the 7th began loading(embarking) on ships for transfer to Okinawa. With Embarkation completed on the 8th, the ships( USS Carter Hall- LSD-3, USS Henrico-APA-45, and USS Washburn-AKA-108) headed for Okinawa. 1/3 was designated BLT-1/3 during it’s transfer to Okinawa. Arriving and disembarking between the 13th and 16th of February at Okinawa, and was redesignated from BLT-1/3 back to 1/3. 1/3 was transported via trucks to Camp Schwab to Re-group and Re-train. 1/3 received many replacements; and was trained at the Counter Guerrilla Warfare School, the Demolition-Landmine Warfare School, and the Jungle Lane/ Trap Lane Indoctrination School at NTA(Northern Training Area) till the end of Frebruary(CD Rom). (Ron Asher and I joined C/1/3 during this time). *****

31Mar67 ***** For the month of March 1/3 continued Training and receiving more replacements. Training was conducted at Squad, Platoon, Company, and Battalion levels; with emphasis placed on unit Tactics and Field Work. Continued training at the NTA Schools, and 1/3 members were issued the M-16 Rifles on the 20th (supposedly the first Marines to be issued M-16’s for Combat in Vietnam).1/3 was also trained and indoctrinated in Helicopters (CH-34’s), Tank Infintry Training, Wet NET, and LVT training through the end of March. 1/3 was redesiginated BLT-1/3 OPCON 9th MAB. Command RLT-26 later to Special Landing Force-ALPHA. Capt. RECZEK was transferred from Battalion S-4 to Company Commander of CHARLIE Company. The Battalion was at almost full strength with 68-Officers(both USMC and USN) and 1750-Enlisted(both USMC and USN-Corpsmen) (CD Rom). *****

27Apr67 ***** 1/3 continued training and started to embark on the ships of the SLF on the 3rd of April. Training continued on board the ships, with Special Operations Training for future RVN activity. A large Battalion Size- Learning Exercise(LEX) was conducted in the area of Kin Village(Camp Hansen), on the 6th and 7th, then BLT-1/3 backloaded on board the ships of TG 76.4.( USS Okinawa-LPH-3 with Squadron of Helicopters from HMM-263, USS Bayfield- APA-33, USS Point Defiance-LSD-31, and USS Seminole-AKA-104). BLT-1/3 continued to sail towards NB Subic Bay, Philipines for additional Spec. Ops. Training. The BLT was ordered to proceed to land further WEST of the Philipines, and entered the Combat Waters of RVN on the 17th. Two days later(the 19th), the BLT was headed back to NB Subic Bay, for additional training. From the 20th to the 23rd the BLT was at the SLF Camp, Subic Bay training. BLT 1/3 was back in the Territorial waters of the Republic of Vietnam on the 25th of April awaiting further orders, with Operation “BEAVER CAGE” to start on the 28th of April. Our prior two days in the Waters of Vietnam, could have been for the Battle of HILL 881 by Khe Sahn, which was being reported Heavily in the newspapers and TV at home in the States at that time. BLT-1/3 was at full strength with 68-officers and 1750- enlisted including Navy Doctors and Corpsmen(CD Rom). *****

28Apr67 to 12May67 BEAVER CAGE (UNION) 

Provinces: Quang Nam, Quang Tin and Tam Ky- Que Son Valley, 25 miles south of Da Nang, north of Chu Lia.(Also in Quan Que Son and Quan Thang Bin Provinces too). Units: 1st Mar Div(HQ), 1/1, 2/1, 1/5, 3/5, and 1st ARVN Ranger Group. SLF-A 1/3(BLT-1/3)portion of operation Union called Beaver Cage. Object: Three Marine and Three ARVN Battalions conduct SWEEPS 30 miles south of Da Nang- operation Union had started 20Apr67. SLF-ALPHA landing in Que Son Valley. BLT 1/3 and HMM 263 sweep area through 12 May. **SLF Alpha’s landing in April on operation BEAVER CAGE, signaled a drastic increase in the operational tempo. The combat days went from 12 per month, to 16.5 in April and to 22 in May. The remainder of the year reflected a much heavier reliance on the SLFs. Not only did the number of combat days increase, but the number of operations more than doubled. Que Son Valley. “C” company secured LZ Oriole at 0711 on the 28th. At 1435 3,000 pounds of rice were discovered and destroyed. At 1600 two VC were captured and an additional two at 1715. On the 30th at 1155 10 VC were spotted in a rice paddy and artillery was called in, 5 possible VC KIA. On the 30th C co Marines were airlifted to LZ Buzzard at 2200. The first two days heat caused more casualties than the enemy.

On May 2nd C co Marines received sniper fire, fired on and killed a VC woman running from the advance party and an enemy force of at least a platoon attacked company “C” as it dug in for the night. The company came under 82mm Mortar, 57 recoilless rifle, automatic weapons and small arms fire. “Puff the Dragon” USAF AC-47 gunships and “Spooky” flare planes along with Marine Artillery, 105 and 107 mm, and the BLT’s own supporting arms pounded the suspected communist positions, the enemy fled. The enemy fought back, and on the 5th hit BLT headquarters and support elements with mortar and small arms fire as they evacuated a landing zone. On the 5th, a huge tunnel complex was discovered by C company, lights and demo requested. On the 6th, two WIA from sniper fire, returned fire with 60mm mortars. On the 7th all personnel turned in flak jackets to decrease load. In-coming mortar fire was also received. On the 8th, 5 VC were detained by C company, and additional mortar fire was received. On the 9th, 1/5 and BLT joined in a sweep to the east. On the 10th companies “B” and “C” engaged the enemy in a day-long action, including the insertion of a 40 man “Sparrow Hawk” unit to attack a sizeable VC force. Additional units from 1/5 were moved in to help cut-off the enemies movement into or out of the battle area. Four air strikes by fixed wing and five by Klondike Gunships assisted the company. On the 10th, C company was pinned down by fire from a village., moved into trench line and are receiving heavy fire, pinned down again . Heavy contact continues. On May 12th, the LZ was secured by elements of 3/5 and C co Marines were extracted from LZ Magpie and Quail ** Cost: SLF-**USMC- 55 KIA and 151 WIA. Enemy 181 communist KIA and 66 POW’s.** (For operation Union total was USMC- 110 KIA and 473 WIA. Enemy total was 865 KIA with 173 Captured). Per 3rdmarines-operations 1st Mar Div operation with 965 Enemy KIA and U.S. 53 KIA. ***** BLT-1/3 for the total Operation sustained 55-Kia’s and 201-Wia’s, with 5 additional Deaths due to loss of helicopter in transferring personnel between ships. Also 1/3 reported 181-VC/NVA Kia’s (confimed), 136-VC/NVA Kia’s(probable), and captured and detained 66-VCS. Charlie Co. sustained 13-Kia’s and 57-Wia’s during this operation. *****

28Apr67 ***** BLT-1/3 commenced Operation “Beaver Cage” on the 28th of April. 

The first four days were in support of Operation “Union”. D Company with tanks made an Amphibious Landing on the beach area refered as Red Beach, and Companies A, B, and C with the BLT command element operated inland, approximately 27 miles SSE of Da Nang AB. During this time only light enemy contact was made, however the BLT suffered Heat Casualities and more than 100 personnel were medivaced during this period. The temperature during this operation was hot and humid with temperatures well over a 100 degrees during the day and approximately 75 degrees at night with only one day of rain. After four days the BLT shifted 5 miles north and set up Headquarters in vicinity of LZ Cardinal Que Son district. The Companies were assigned individual TAOR’s and enemy contact began to increase in size and frequency. ***** 30Apr67 ***** Co. B- Receiving SAF during lift out from LZ in helecopters 1-Wia *****

02May67 ***** Co. C- Attacked by estamated reinforced platoon of VC with 82mm mortars, 57mm Recoilless Rifle fire, Automatic and small arms fire while digging in for the night. Artillery, Air strikes, Huey Gunships, Flareship, and PUFF assisted throughout the night. Med-Evac and Resupply commenced at daybreak(0630 hrs on the 3rd) 4-Kia’s and 20-Wia’s ***** 03May67 ***** Co. A- Early evening WATER-RUN patrol contacted 2-VC then Attacked by unknown number of VC. Four squads committed to assist the water patrol ran into heavy automatic and small arms fire (ambushed), Artillery and Huey Gunships called in, with support immediately available and used it throughout the area. The men (patrols)outside the perimeter, returned with the Wia’s, but 14 men were still cut off from the rest. The cut off squad returned with their Wia’s. Artillery missions continued through the night. At first light, the squads returned to the battle area, observed 60-70 VC, and called in more Artillery. After everything secure, and the bodies recovered(morning of the 4th) 14Kia’s and 9-Wia’s ***** 04May67 ***** Co. D- 20 VC in village/firefight 1-Wia ***** 04May67 ***** Co. D- Receiving mortars and small arms fire 2-Wia’s ***** 04May67 ***** Co. C- Sniper fire 1-Wia ***** 04May67 ***** Co. D- While crossing a valley east of Hill 65, encountered intensive enemy resistance and had elements pinned down by 50 VC in fortified positions. Air and Artillery called in and supported by Co. C which had moved to Hill 65. Heavy fighting ensued, fighting continued throughout the night. Company D elements in contact with the enemy withdrew to Hill 65 under cover of darkness with all Kia’s extracted from the Battle Zone at 2325 hrs. One M-60 MG with firing mechanism removed, one .45 Cal pistol, and one M-16 rifle lost in action. 11 Kia’s and 26 Wia’s all evacuated on morning of the 5th. ***** 05May67 ***** Co. B- Booby Trap 1-Wia ***** 06May67 ***** Co. C- Sniper fire 2-Wia’s ***** 06May67 ***** Co. B- Sniper fire/Small arms fire 2-Wia’s ***** 07May67 ***** Co. D- Mortar attack 1-Kia and 6-Wia’s ***** 08May67 ***** Co. D- Mortar attack 3-Wia’s ***** 08May67 ***** Co. C- Mortar attack 3-Kia’s and 10-Wia’s ***** 09May67 ***** Co. C- Mortar attack 1-Wia ***** 10May67 ***** Co’s. B, C, and D- Co’s B and C sweeping east, with Co. D in trace moving down the center of the valley. Co. B received SAF and automatic weapons fire from Hill 110. Co. C mortars firing on Hill 110, Co. B reports 1-Wia and VC moving towards them, and requests Co C to check out and assist. Co. D reports C/1/5 is 300 meters west of Hill 110 moving east. Co. B reports taking Heavy Sniper fire and that 20 VC moving East. Co C moving 3rd Platoon to left flank of Co B. Co’s B and C receiving mortar fire, Co. B pinned down by Heavy fire suffering unknown number Kia and Wia. Requesting Close Air Support, and Co C attempting to envelope with one platoon to stop enemy fire from the village. The enveloping platoon of Co C reports receiving mortars, and Co B requests Co’s C and D to link up on left and right flanks respect- fully. Co B reports one company of VC wearing green uniforms and helmets, well camouflaged and entrenched on Hill 110. C/1/5 to sweep area to east after Air striks on Hill 110. Co C has one platoon Pinned Down by heavy fire from village and Air Strikes called in. Co C needs help on left flank, withdrawing platoon from right flank to assist pinned down platoon on left. Co C has VC in trench line directly in front of position delivering heavy fire, and units are still pinned downed. Heavy contact continues, more air strikes called in. Co B reports approximately 6-Kia’s and 23-Wia’s, all friendly, in Co C’s Zone. A SPARROW HAWK 40-man unit arrived in Zone at 1300 hrs, and almost immediatly suffered 5-Wia’s and were pinned down in the LZ area. Heavy contact with enemy continues, more air strikes, and contact finally started to lessen with enemy fleeing to east. Co’s B, C, and D under command/control 1/5 established a perimeter for the night. Casualities reported for the Day Long Battle of May 10th were 22-KIA’s and 88-WIA’s(Co C’s included), and 86 VC/NVA Kia’s confirmed. The Operation ended two days later, with no more enemy contact, and 1/3 being helicoptered back aboard the ships of BLT. *****

18May67 to 26May67 HICKORY / BEAU CHARGER 

Provinces: Tinh Quang and Quang Tri- just below the Ben Hoi river in southern half of DMZ. Units: Hickory-3rd Mar Div(HQ), 1/9, 2/9, 3/9, 1/4, 3/4, 2/26; SLF- Alpha (BLT 1/3 and HMM-263 on operation Beau Charger); SLF-Bravo (BLT 2/3 and HMM-164 on operation Belt Tight); and the 5th ARVN Regiment on operation Lam Son 54. Object: Marine forces launch three simultaneous operations, first SWEEP through southern half of DMZ. SLF-A lands under code name Beau Charger, along the coast. 2/26, 2/9, 3/9, and 3/4 begin sweep around Con Thien under Hickory. Two days later SLF-B lands N/E of Con Thien under code name Belt Tight. The operation ends 26th of May. Hickory started 16May67 and ended 28th. **Because of enemy buildup in the DMZ, General Westmoreland authorized the entry of forces into the DMZ just south of the Ben Hoi river. The first of these operations was named HICKORY for the 3rd Marine Division, BEAU CHARGER for SLF-Alpha, BELT TIGHT for SLF-Bravo, and LAM SON 54 for the South Vietnamese forces. The scheme of the operation was to get all units on the Ben Hoi river and sweep south destroying all enemy units and installations in their path. A free fire zone was established and the Vietnamese Police removed 10,000 non-combatants from the area. The first helo of the first wave ,Co A, into the operation(Beau Charger) was raked with gunfire, the co-pilot, crew chief, gunner, and three grunts were all wounded. Another grunt fell out of the helo and was killed. Four other UH-34’s two UH-1E’s also suffered damage in the assault. Fighting was fierce, the Marines engaged the enemy in hand-to-hand fighting and eleven jets came in to provide close air support. On the 18th at 1430 C co landed at LZ Owl. At 1830, 43 non-combatants were removed from the DMZ and one VC was KIA by C co. On the 19th, 20 rounds of 82mm, 68 rounds 60mm, and 40 rounds of 85mm were incoming causing 4 C co WIA.. On the 26th all units were extracted from “White Beach”.** Cost: USMC- 142 KIA and 896 WIA with 447 Enemy KIA.(this is for total of all three operations). Per 3rdmarines-operations operation Hickory I had 367 Enemy KIA and unknown U.S. losses. ***** BLT-1/3 for Operation Beau Charger sustained 23-Kia’s and 99- Wia’s, while inflicting on the enemy 85-VC/NVA Kia’s(confirmed), 84-VC/NVA Kia’s(probable), and capturing 6-VCS/POW’s (one Died of Wounds). 1/3 also evacuated approximately 536 friendlies out of the DMZ. *****

18May67 ***** From HAMMOND- Vietnam Conflict Map, states that U. S. Marines and ARVN units FIRST enter the DMZ. BLT 1/3 and the other Marine Battalions along with the ARVN units, participated the First Operations into the Southern half of the DMZ. Up to the Ben Hoi River and possibly across it. This may have been our first time in the DMZ, but WE will be back many more TIMES, in the future months and years. ***** 18May67 ***** Co. A- Assault elements landed at LZ Goose, and immediately came under intense enemy fire, while Co. D was making an amphibious landing with tanks at Green Beach. The second wave of Co. A via helecopters landed at LZ Owl, not under enemy fire. One platoon from Co D and a light section of Tanks, joined Co A at LZ Owl, followed by the rest of Co A and Co B too. Co A and Tanks linked up with elements of Co A at LZ Goose. Co’s A and B involved in Heavy fighting with three reinforced enemy rifle companies near LZ Goose during the day. Co C landed at LZ Owl, after a Command Group had already arrived. A total of 43 non-combatants were evacuated from the DMZ this date. 1/3 (mainly Co A and B) sustained 19-Kia’s and 43-Wia’s from the heavy enemy contact this date. ***** 19May67 ***** Co. D- With A/1/12 and W/1/12(Artillery Batteries), and BLT 1/3 Command elements at Green Beach received three vollies of 85mm fire(approximately 132 rounds total), which caused 3-Kia’s and 8-Wia’s. ***** 19May67 ***** Co’s. B and C- Received approximately 20 rds 82mm mortars, 68 rds 60mm mortars, and 40 rds of 85mm fire, with 4-Wia’s ***** 19May67 ***** BLT-1/3- Evacuated a total of 274 non-combatants from the DMZ this date. ***** 20May67 ***** Co. D- An units at Green Beach received 30 rds of 85mm fire from North Vietnam, sustaining 1-Kia and 2-Wia’s ***** 20May67 ***** BLT-1/3- Evacuated another 135 non-combatants from the DMZ this date. ***** 21May67 ***** BLT-1/3- Evacuated 84 non-combatants from DMZ ***** 23May67 ***** BLT-1/3- Units observed a twenty-four hour Truce in honor of Buddha’s birthday, with NO incidents reported. ***** 25May67 ***** BLT-1/3- Prepared for Phase III of operation Buea Charger, the Amphibious Withdrawal from the DMZ. At 2000 hrs, the units started their movement to the coast at White Beach, stopping for periods of time, and moving at night. Co D was last to withdraw at 1010 hrs on the 26th, ending the operation. ***** 27May67 ***** Personnel, supplies, and equiptment were transferred from the USS Bayfield-APA-33 which was relieved by the USS Duluth- LDP-6. ***** .

02Jun67 to 05Jun67 BEAR BITE 

Provinces: Thian Quang Tri & Tinh Thua Thien- 40 clicks south of DMZ, Street Without Joy area. Unit: BLT-1/3 Object: **Starting on the 2nd, BLT 1/3 spent 72 hours probing and destroying unoccupied enemy positions. Snipers and a stuck Marine tank were the only casualties on this operation. C co landed at LZ Starling with no contact. Bunkers and Punji pits were found and destroyed. Small arms fire was received with no casualties. Re-supply Helos received sniper fire, C co sent out patrols to engage. Two fire fights were fought on the 4th, with C co having 1 VC KIA, and one VC WIA. On the 5th the Battalion was airlifted 4th Mar area.** Cost: **2 communist KIA, 9 POW’s.** ***** This was an Amphibious and Heliborne assault in southern Quang Tri northern Thua Thien Province. BLT-1/3 sustained NO Casualities, but inflicted 2-KIA(confirmed), 9-KIA(probable), and captured 9-VCS on the enemy. ***** 07Jun67 to 11Jun67 COLGATE Provinces: Quang Phu Vang &Thua Thien Units: 4th Mar(HQ), BLT-1/3, 2/26, 3/26, 3/12-Artillery. Object: ** Was to be a blocking force for Co B,D and A. Airlifted into LZ Eagle and Hawk. Two VC were captured hiding in the water, and 4 VC were engaged by C co and UH-1 helos. On the 11th the Battalion was airlifted to Phu Bai, and was trucked to 4th Mar area. Uneventful..

Company C was op-con to 4th Marines during the period 11-20 June on Operation CUMBERLAND

Helilifted into area 7 miles east of Phu Bia. The first day Co’s A and B made heavy contact with an intense enemy force. The last four days were light contact. 1/3 sustained 3-Kia’s and 29-Wia’s, while inflicting 24-VC/Kia(confirmed), 15-VC/Kia’s(probable), and capturing 58-VCS. Later a village Chief indicated the Enemy had suffered 125-150 Kia’s that first day of the operation. 1/3 had control and command of operation, and were assisted by units H/2/26 and K/3/26. ***** 07Jun67 ***** Co. A- Armed Huey reported two VC in area. One squad sent to location, taken under fire immediately by small arms, and 9- 12 rounds of 60mm mortar fire. Requested air, artillery, and 81mm mortar fire, on estimated one company of enemy in area well dug in. 2-Kia’s, 12-Wia’s and 1-ARVN-Wia ***** 07Jun67 ***** Co. B- Moving up in support of A Co., made heavy contact with enemy, received heavy small arms and 82mm mortar fire. 1-Kia and 1-Wia ***** 07Jun67 ***** Co. B- Element moving to left flank of fortified position detonated a large mine or a 81mm mortar dud. 7-Wia’s ***** 08Jun67 ***** Co. B- Night patrol made contact with enemy, fire fight ensued. 1-Wia ***** 15Jun67 to 23Jun67 CHOCTAW Provinces: Tinh Quang Tri & Tinh Thien Units: 4th Mar(HQ), BLT-1/3, 1/4, 2/4, 3/12-Artillery. Object: Search and destroy.**Tedious sweeps west of Route 9, along the Thac Mai river. C co was returned to BLT 1/3 from Operation CUMBERLAND on the 20th. The operation was limited to sniper and small arms harassing fire. Co C uncovered 200# rice, ammo cans and ammo, flack jackets, det cord , medical supplies, comm wire, and 2 booby traps. A boat and tunnel were also found. VC were found in the tunnel, 2 VC KIA Punji pits and stakes were uncovered and destroyed. 2 VC and 3 VCs were apprehended.** Cost: **USMC- 19 WIA, 9 communist KIA and 15 POW’s.** ***** Choctaw initially consisted of several smaller unit missions and commitments assigned to the 4th Marines in the Three Rivers Area,starting on the 13th of June. On the night of the 21st, a Battalion Sweep back in the “Bear Bite” area, characterized by a Night Foot movement to area to start sweep, ending with limited action and enemy contact. BLT-1/3 sustained No Kia, and 17- Wia’s while inflicting 9-VC/Kia’s(confirmed), 20-VC/Kia’s (probable), and capturing 15-VCS. *****

13Jun67 ***** Co. A- Discovered 50 punji traps both foot and man size, well camouflaged. Two men fell into man size trap. 1-Wia ***** 13Jun67 ***** Co. A- Booby trap, 1-Wia ***** 15Jun67 ***** Co. A- While searching area one Marine stepped on mine, 2-Wia’s ***** 16Jun67 ***** Co. A- Recieved 5 rounds 60mm mortars into LZ as three Helo’s landing. No damage to Helo’s, 2-Wia’s ***** 17Jun67 ***** Co. A- Booby trap mine, 1-Wia ***** 19Jun67 ***** Co. C- Booby trapped grenade, 3-Wia’s ***** 21Jun67 ***** Co. B- Enemy contact,Fire fight received automatic weapons fire, 2-Wia’s ***** 21Jun67 ***** Co. C- Foot punji trap stepped into, 1-Wia ***** 21Jun67 ***** Co. B- Night patrol received small arms and grenades(possible M-79 rounds). 1-Wia ***** 25Jun67 to 28Jun67 MARYLAND Province: Thau Thien Units: 4th Mar(HQ), BLT-1/3. Object: Search and destroy.** C co found 2 VC in spider holes and were captured. 2 VC and 2 VCs females were also detained. The BLT killed 7 communist, took 35 prisoners, and salvaged almost 9 tons of rice at cost of 3 Marines wounded.** Cost: **USMC- 3 WIA, Enemy 9 KIA and 35 POW’s.** ***** BLT-1/3 back to Phu Bia, in command and control for operation Maryland, assisted by F/2/26.Helolifted back into area of prior “Colgate” operation, back into LZ’s Hawk and Eagle. Search and Destroy forcing the VC into ARVN units. Light contact for us, but Heavy conact for ARVN units with enemy losses over 100 VC/Kia (confirmed). BLT-1/3 sustained No Kia and 4-Wia’s while inflicting 7-VC/Kia’s(confirmed), 5-VC/Kia’s(probable), and capturing 35-VCS. After operation to COL CO Island and back aboard the ships of BLT. ***** 26Jun67 ***** Co. D- A 1st platoon night ambush received small arms fire from a hut in their vicinity. 2-Wia’s ***** 28Jun67 ***** Co. D- Friendly fire incident, while wlaking his relief for a radio watch at night. 1-Wia ***** 30Jun67 ***** For the month of June BLT-1/3 had participated in four Operations, mostly operating in the 4th Marines area, and sustaining a total of 6-Kia’s and 48-Wia’s. During the month 1/3 was credited with 49-VC/Kia’s(confirmed), 49-VC/Kia’s(probable), and capturing 117-VCS. *****

03Jul67 to 13Jul67 BEAR CLAW / BUFFALO 

Province: Quang Tri- Op was initially set for this area but when 1/9 & 3/9 got ambushed it changed to the area around Con Thien. South of the DMZ. Units: 3rd Mar(HQ), 3/3, 3/4, 1/9, 2/9, 3/9, SLF-A(BLT 1/3), SLF-B (BLT 2/3), 9th Mars(HQ). Object: Major elements of the 304B NVA Battalion and the 90th NVA Regiment were in the area. 1/9 conducts sweep north of Con Thien and makes HEAVY contact. Both SLF-Alpha(1/3), Bravo(2/3), and 3/9 move into reinforce. Battle dies out 14th July. B/1/9 acquired name “The Walking Dead”. **The original operation was called BEAR CLAW, but when 1/9 got into trouble when it encountered two battalions of the NVA 90th Regiment when they were sweeping around Con Thien. SLF-Alpha was committed to assist them on July 3rd. The first wave of helicopters landed 2,500 meters south of the designated LZ. By the time 1/3 had picked up its units and linked up with 3/9 on the right flank the fighting had waned. A UH-34 was “down” in the C co area, CH53 lifted it out two days later. The 5th of July opened with a mortar barrage on companies A and C. Exchanges of mortar and artillery punctuated the next day. On the 6th, Gas Agents were used against C co by the NVA, incoming mortar rounds also killed 4 and wounded 3 C co men. On July 7th a Marine tank was hit and the fighting was so savage that BLT 1/3 did not reach the tank to recover the bodies until the next day. Continues air strikes and artillery were fired, over 200 KIA NVA were spotted by aircraft, ( this was in addition to the immediate battlefield KIAs C co Marines saw. On the morning of the 8th, 1/3 was ordered to withdraw. Complications were that it was daylight, 600 meters of open terrain had to be crossed, the battalion was in contact, two of the attached tanks were crippled, and the battalion had just received a much needed but cumbersome re-supply. The withdrawal was successful. The next four days, the battalion swept the perimeter of Con Thien, recovered the 11 bodies of 1/9, but paid in Marine casualties. With Buffalo nearing an end, MACV directed 1/3 join forces with 1/4 and do a southward sweep of the DMZ, operation HICKORY II was initiated.**

Cost: SLF**424 communist confirmed KIA, 8 Marines KIA, 179 WIA. 1066 tons of bombs fell, 40,000 rounds of arty, 1,500 rounds of Naval 8″ gun ammo fired.** Total cost of operation including SLF, USMC- 159 KIA and 345 WIA. Enemy losses 1290 PAVN KIA. (This to defend Con Thien Combat Firebase and search and destroy area).

Per 3rdmarines-operations Bear Claw was 3rd Mar Div operation in Quang Tri Province vicinity of Con Thien, SLF part of operation Buffalo with 424 Enemy KIA and 29 U.S. KIA. Operation Buffalo, totals with SLF were 1281 Enemy KIA and U.S. 125 KIA. ***** BLT-1/3 sustained 8-Kia’s and 179-Wia’s during the operation, while inflicting on the Enemy 424-NVA/Kia’s(confirmed), 65-NVA/Kia’s(probable), and 2-POW/VCS. ***** 03Jul67 ***** Co. B- Contact with NVA,fire fight 1-Wia ***** 04Jul67 ***** Co. A- 20 Incoming Rockets 1-Wia, but were able to recover 3-USMC KIA from 1/9 ***** 04Jul67 ***** Co. B- Recieved unknown number of Rocket rounds, 1-Wia ***** 04Jul67 ***** BLT-1/3 Alpha Command- Received 20 rds incoming Rockets 1-Wia ***** 04Jul67 ***** Co. A- Two Bombs, one a dud landed inside company position/ Close Air Support/Friendly Fire incident, 9-Wia’s ***** 04Jul67 ***** Co. C- CH34 Helicopter down inside company area, non -hostile, apparent mechanical ***** 05Jul67 ***** Co. A- Received 100 rounds of incoming mortars, 60mm and 82mm, 5-Wia’s ***** 05Jul67 ***** Co. C- Received additional 100 rounds of mortar fire at same time Co. A, 1-Wia ***** 05Jul67 ***** Co. A- Recovered 8-USMC KIA from 1/9, assisted by Tanks from Alpha Co/3rd Tank Bn, Bodies sent to rear on the tanks. (Pictures of the Bodies on the Tanks, made the Stars and Stripes Newspaper, and possibly additional Newspapers at Home in the the States.) ***** 05Jul67 ***** Co. A- Night patrol checking area of Artillery mission, contact 1-Wia ***** 06Jul67 ***** Co. C- Day Patrol received 10 rds of mortar fire and small arms fire. 4-Kia’s and 3-Wia’s ***** 06Jul67 ***** Co. A- Received incoming mortars( 75 rounds throughout battalion area) 5-Wia’s ***** 06Jul67 ***** Co. C- Involved in firefight. Believed to have 57mm Recoilless Rifle, LOST one Tank, two Kia’s not recovered. ***** 06Jul67 ***** Co. B- Received unknown number of mortar rds, 2-Wia’s ***** 06Jul67 ***** Co. B- Assisted by Companies A and D, and units fron 3/9, approx. THREE NVA Companies of Infantry approaching from the north and east, reported to their front(some NVA wearing USMC uniforms including flack jackets and jungle boots), Heavy Incoming of Mortars and Rockets. Numerous Air and Artillery called in, also Klondikes on station. Co. B reports Tear Gas from mortar rounds, and the NVA infantry are repelled. Night illumination is up. All secure with tentative Casualty count 3-Kia’s and 19-Wia’s ***** 07Jul67 ***** Co. B- Patrol out searching for bodies not recovered from fire fight yesterday, reached the Burned out Tank. NO Bodies, but 1-M-60 MG and 1- M-16 Rifle recovered. Monitored AO Net, that 200 Dead NVA forward of our positions. ***** 08Jul67 ***** 1/3 Recon- Found missing Kia’s, withdrawing, the area to be peppered with Air, Artillery, and then a platoon from Co. C will go in. ***** 08Jul67 ***** BLT-1/3- Ordered to withdraw from positions by 3/9, pulled back, and tied in with elements of 3/9, south of the Trace, for the night. The Missing Kia’s have been recovered. ***** 11Jul67 ***** Co. B- Patrol located a NVA Base Camp previously used, and found approx. 200 Dead NVA, in area not previously reported by AO. *****

14Jul67 to 16July67 HICKORY II 

Province: Quang Tri near DMZ. Units: 9th Mar(HQ), BLT-1/3, 1/4. Object: ** Search and Destroy op, that was really a time-distance rapid sweep maneuver. The BLT received orders to move approx- imately 1500 meters in a day. Although the battalion remained prepared to engage the enemy, the speed required to make the move prevented the battalion from making a detailed search of the area.**

Cost: **17 communist POW’s.** ***** BLT-1/3 sustained NO Casualties, and captured 17-VCS *****

16Jul67 to 18Jul67 KINGFISHER 

Province: Quang Tri around Dong Ha and Cam Lo area. Units: 9th Mar(HQ), BLT-1/3, 2/3, 3/3, 2/4, 3/4, 1/9, 2/9, 3/9, 3/26, 3rd Mar (HQ), 3/3, 1/9, 2/9, 3/9. Object: SLF-Alpha only spent the first two days starting the operation, and moved on. Operation Kingfisher lasted through 31Oct67 with 9th and 3rd Marines doing sweeps around Dong Ha and Cam Lo. Cost: Total operation USMC- 340 KIA and 1462 WIA. Enemy losses were 1117 PAVN KIA. Per 3rdmarines-operations 3rd Mar Div operation in DMZ with 1117 Enemy KIA and 955 U.S. KIA.

21Jul67 to 30Jul67 BEACON GUIDE 

Province: Thua Thien 18 miles S/E of Hue. Unit: BLT-1/3 Object: **Starting with surface and helicopter assault, BEACON GUIDE was a search and destroy operation. The sweep was part of III MAF’s continuing plan to maintain pressure on the VC/NVA in the I Corps coastal area. C co came into LZ Quail at 0744. Company captured four VCs. An NVA base camp with ammo and other incidentals was uncovered. Lifted out from LZ Oriole on the 29th and into LZ Sparrow.** ***** This operation was conducted in three phases, Phase I- Amphibious and Heliborne Assault in Phu Loc District, assisted by G/2/26 as Blocking Force. Phase II- Heliborne Assault in Mountainous terrian with double canopy overhead in altitudes up to 482 meters. Phase III- Heliborne Assault from Mountains into Phu Tu Area to conduct thorough Search and Destroy operations. Light enemy contact. BLT-1/3 sustained only 5-Wia’s, and had 3-VC Kia’s(probable) while capturing 22-VCS. ***** 23Jul67 ***** Co. B- Found 10,000 lbs of rice, recovered. ***** 25Jul67 ***** Co. B and D- Resupply Helicopter down, mechanical, no causalities. Recovered on the 27th. ***** 28Jul67 ***** Co. B- Patrol hit Booby Trap. 2-Wia’s ***** 28Jul67 ***** Co. B- Patrol hit another Booby Trap. 1-Wia ***** 29Jul67 ***** Co. B- Platoon member stepped into Punji Foot Trap, 10 additional found and destroyed. 1-Wia *****

29Jul67 ***** Co. A- Booby Trapped Grenade. 1-Wia ***** 31Jul67 ***** BLT-1/3 for the month of July participated in three Operations. Sustained 8-Kia’s and 188-Wia’s, while inflicting 424-VC/NVA Kia’s (confirmed), 68-VC/NVA Kia’s(probable), and capturing 41- VCS (POW) on the Enemy. Mostly during Operation Buffalo up at the DMZ. *****

07Aug67 to10Aug67 BEACON GATE 

Provinces: Quang Tin & Quang Nam- S/E of Hoi An. Unit: BLT-1/3 Object: **This was our only Amphibious Landing, C co Marines were aboard the USS Duluth for this assault. C co Marines landed along the coast at Blue Beach. Intelligence reports fixed elements of the V25 Local Force Battalion and other smaller VC units in the area of operation. During the four-day sweep the Marines were under constant sniper fire, and numerous VC and VCs were detained. The UH-1E gunships were used extensively to suppress the snipers.** Cost: **12 communist KIA, 1 marine KIA, 10 WIA.** ***** BLT-1/3 sustained 1-Kia and 12-Wia’s, while inflicting 12-VC Kia’s(confirmed), 4-VC Kia’s(probable), and capturing 26- VCS. ***** 07Aug67 ***** Co. B- Small arms fire two flanks, 2-Wia’s ***** 08Aug67 ***** Co. C- Patrol received heavy Sniper fire, 2-Wia’s ***** 09Aug67 ***** Co. A- Received heavy sniper fire at night, 2-Wia’s ***** 09Aug67 ***** Co. C- Spotted 2-VC on perimeter, SAF exchanged, 1-Wia (This was at night/early morning and probably when PFC J. P. Bradford was wounded). ***** 09Aug67 ***** Co. A- Marine stepped into Punji Pit, 1-Wia ***** 10Aug67 ***** Co. A- Sniper fire, 1-Wia ***** 10Aug67 ***** Co. B- Forward elements flushed 2-VC from tunnel complex, 1 VC threw Grenade, 2-Wia’s *****

11Aug67 to 29Aug67 COCHISE 

Province: Quang Tin- 7 miles east of Que Son. Units: 1st Mar Div(HQ), Task Force X-ray, BLT-1/3, 1/5, 3/5, 2/11-Arty. Object: This operation was approx 20 miles inland in the Que Son Mountains, to far inland for fixed Artillery or Naval Gunfire support. Two COMPANIES of Marines (1/3) were to be Helo’d in at the same time, with only Fixed Wing Aircraft and Helicopter Gunships (ALL available from Da Nang and Chu Lia) for support. To land on the Ho Chi Minh Trail at the 3rd NVA Regimental Headquarters. Once a perimeter was set, a 4.2″ (four-duce) Mortar Battery was to be brought in for support. The Briefing the night before advised every time RECON went into area, they were chased out with a QUAD-50(four 50 Cal Machineguns mounted together). Also that the Enemy had every weapon C CO MARINES had, plus their own. The operation sounded very TUFF, and a lot of Short- timers were very NERVOUS about the pending operation. **On August 11th, BLT 1/3 was put under operational control of TASK FORCE X-RAY. The battalion was put in place at LZ GROUSE and received sniper fire. C co Marines were a blocking force for the 5th Marines sweeping east. On the 16th during a sweep with elements of the 5th Marines, the BLT made HEAVY contact. Five Marine WIAs could not be medevacd out because of enemy fire. Arty and fixed wing came in to suppress. Four Marine KIA bodies could not be recovered for a day due to intense fire. When recovered the bodies were completely striped of gear and clothes. Tanks were used extensively. On the 19th the company was airlifted to LZ Hawk to continue the sweep. Two VC were taken prisoner at the LZ. An NVA Officer, captured by 1/5, was turned over to C co and led us to 2 tons of rice. One detainee escaped in the C co perimeter, and when he could not be caught, he was shot. The enemy broke off contact that night, and the next day was punctuated with sniper fire. The BLT continued the sweep from Hiep Duc to Que Son, uncovering rice caches and receiving continued sniper fire.** On the 28th, with the conclusion of the operation C/1/3 was transported to Chu Lia for the night- and BEER. Cost: SLF**9 Marines KIA and 51 WIA. 59 communist KIA, 65 POW.** ( SEE BOOK “PAYBACK” by Joe Klein, section payback- Operation Cochise-Que Son Valley-August 16, 1967. This is account of C/1/3 2nd Platoon and the described action that day). ***** This operation consisted of three phases, Blocking Force, Helilifted inland, and Search and Destroy N/E from Hiep Duc to Que Son. BLT-1/3 sustained 8-Kia’s and 39-Wia’s, while inflicting 43- VC/NVA Kia’s(confirmed), 76- VC/NVA Kia’s(probable), and capturing 53- VCS/POW’s. ***** 12Aug67 ***** Co. B- Called in Artillery Mission, Short Round, Friendly Fire Incident. 1-Wia *****

12Aug67 ***** Co. B- Fire fight with 10 VC. 1-Wia *****

12Aug67 ***** Co. B- Contact with night listening post, fire fight, rounds into perimeter of Company lines from VC. 1-Kia ***** 16Aug67 ***** Co. A- 20 2-lb sticks of TNT found and destroyed in tunnel. The Company Commander entered tunnel to check out the situation, and was over come by lack of oxygen. He was medevaced. 1-Injury(possibly). ***** 16Aug67 ***** Co. C- Squad Ambushed from Village and tree line, Heavy Fire Fight, Artillery and Air Strikes called in, too Hot for Medivac’s, Continued for approx 6-7 hours(till darkness), a Patrol sent to Recover the bodies. 4-Kia’s and 7-Wia’s ***** 17Aug67 ***** Co. B- Night Outpost got hit hard by automatic weapons fire and infantry, and was partially Over-ran. Outpost regained, but two friendlies unaccounted for. Company Commander estimated Outpost attacked by probable Platoon size enemy force. Unknown number of wounded Medevaced during the night. At first light area of Outpost searched, All members accounted for, and had 13 NVA dead throughout, with numerous blood trails also. 1-Kia and 13-Wia’s total for the night. ***** 20Aug67 ***** Co. B- Booby Trap, 1-Wia ***** 24Aug67 ***** Co. B- Booby Trap, 1-Wia ***** 25Aug67 ***** Co. A- Sniper fire, 1-Wia ***** 26Aug67 ***** Co. A- Sniper fire, 1-Kia ***** 26Aug67 ***** Co. B- Sniper fire, 1-Wia ***** 27Aug67 ***** Co. C- Booby Trap, 1-Wia ***** 31Aug67 ***** BLT-1/3 participated in two Operations, and sustained 9-Kia’s and 51-Wia’s, while inflicting 55- VC/NVA Kia’s(confirmed), 80- VC/NVA Kia’s(probable), and capturing 79- VCS/POW’s for the month of August. *****

01Sep67 to 05Sep67 BEACON POINT 

Province: Thua Thien-Street without Joy again! Units: 4th Marine Regiment, BLT-1/3. Object: **On September 1st, SLF-Alpha landed in the Thua Thien Prov. for a southerly sweep of the by-now all too familiar “Street without Joy”. Three airborne and one waterborne companies.

Snipers and booby traps were the only resistance encountered. C co Marines landed at LZ Sparrow. C co Marines lost 1 marine to a booby trap and 5 WIA on the second day. A short round caused a Marine to be wounded on the 4th. Another was wounded by a booby trap, trip wire. On the 5th C co Marines conducted a foot movement to the Camp Evans area.** Cost: **2 Marine KIA, 34 WIA. 2 VC KIA, 25 POW.** ***** BLT-1/3 was slowed during the sweep south through the Street without Joy, having found a total of 71,500 lbs of RICE. 41,500 lbs of Rice was evacuated, and the remaining 30,000 lbs Destroyed. BLT-1/3 also sustained the cost above, with 1-VC Kia(probable). ***** 01Sep67 ***** Co. D- Sniper fire, 1-Wia ***** 01Sep67 ***** Co. D- Sniper fire again, 1-Wia ***** 02Sep67 ***** Co. D- Booby Trap, 2-Wia ***** 02Sep67 ***** Co. C- Booby Trapped M-16 AP Mine, 1-Kia and 6-Wia’s ***** 02Sep67 ***** Co. C- Another Booby Trap, 1-Wia ***** 02Sep67 ***** Co. H&S- Received 2 incoming 60mm Mortar rds, 4-Wia ***** 03Sep67 ***** Co. D- Night LP received Sniper and Automatic Weapons fire, 1-Wia ***** 04Sep67 ***** Co. C- Received one incoming friendly 105mm HE round, possible short round of H&I fire at night. Friendly Fire. 1-Wia ***** 04Sep67 ***** Co. D- Lead elements hit Booby Trap, 2-Wia’s ***** 04Sep67 ***** Co. D- Booby Trapped ChiCom Grenade, 1-Wia ***** 04Sep67 ***** Co. D- Another Booby Trapped Grenade, 1-Wia ***** 04Sep67 ***** Co. C- Booby Trap, 1-Wia ***** 04Sep67 ***** Co. A- Booby Trap, 1-Wia ***** 05Sep67 ***** Co. A- Night fire fight with 1-VC on lines, 1-Wia ***** 06Sep67 to 09Sep67 FREMONT Provinces: Quang Tri & Thua Thien- south of Quang Tri.

Units: 4th Mar, 3rd Mar Div(HQ), BLT-1/3, 2/3, 1/4, 2/4, 3/26. Object: **HMM163, and UH-34d squadron reported aboard the USS Okinawa. The SLF-Alpha battalion trucked into a blocking position for a sweep by the 4th Marines. Snipers were the only active resistance. C co Marines were transported by truck to our jump-off area. On the 5th, 35 VC were spotted and 99 rounds of 105mm and 38 rounds of 155mm were fired in support. On the 9th C co Marines were by trucked to COLCO RAMP for loading onto the ship.** Operation Fremont had started the 7th of July and continued through October 31st for the 4th Marines and participating units. ***** BLT-1/3 were blocking force south of Quang Tri. 1/3 sustained NO Kia’s and 3-Wia’s(Booby Traps), and did not make any contact with the enemy forces. ***** 07Sep67 ***** Co. B- Booby Trapped Grenade, 1-Wia ***** 08Sep67 ***** Co. B- Punji Stake, 1-Wia ***** 08Sep67 ***** Co. A- Booby Trapped Grenade, 1-Wia *****

16Sep67 to 21Sep67 BALLISTIC CHARGE 

Provinces: Quang Nam & Quang Tin- 4 miles S/W of Dai Loc. Unit: BLT-1/3 Object: **C co was helo’d into LZ GOOSE, one “Doc” got shot while in the helo. Three other companies made a waterborne assault. The operation consisted of a rapid sweep to the north followed by a detailed search and destroy sweep to the south of Hoi An. A lot of incoming sniper fire, 2 VCs were detained and 1,000 punji stakes and about 1,000 pounds of rice were uncovered and destroyed. On the 18th C co Marines spotted numerous VC and called in an Arial AO. He called in arty when he was fired on, 135 probable KIA. On the 19th, VC were spotted carrying what appeared to be a mortar, NAVAL guns were called in with excellent coverage. Right after that the company was ambushed on three sides, arty was called in. Booby traps killed 1 from C co and 2 Engineers. On the 21st C co Marines were helo’d to 1st Marines area.** Cost: **3 gook POW, 25 KIA, , 55 detainees. 2 Marine KIA, 20 WIA** ***** BLT-1/3 sustained the cost above for this operation. ***** 16Sep67 ***** Co. C- Sniper fire into LZ into Helicopter, 1-Wia(Corpsman) ***** 16Sep67 ***** Co. C- Sniper fire, 1-Wia *****

16Sep67 ***** Co. A- Sniper fire, 1-Wia ***** 16Sep67 ***** Co. C- Punji pit, 1-Wia ***** 16Sep67 ***** Co. B- Received unknown incoming rounds at night, large caliber 1-Wia ***** 17Sep67 ***** Co. A- Received unknown large caliber rounds, 2-Wia’s ***** 18Sep67 ***** Co. D- Received incoming Mortar round, 2-Wia ***** 18Sep67 ***** Co. C- Night Listening Post received SAF, 1-Wia ***** 19Sep67 ***** Co. D- A Shrapnal injury(unknown type), 1-Wia ***** 19Sep67 ***** Co. C- Attacked at night on three sides by VC, unknown number, fire fight. 4-Wia’s ***** 19Sep67 ***** BLT-1/3- Mortar Battery 2/12 attached to Alpha Command- HE round exploded seconds after leaving the tube due to faulty fuse. Friendly fire incident, possibly in support of Co. C being attacked above. 1-Wia ***** 20Sep67 ***** Co. C- Booby Trap, 1-Wia ***** 20Sep67 ***** 1/3- Recon- Fire fight with 3-VC, 1-Wia ***** 21Sep67 ***** BLT-1/3- LVT’s attached to Battalion- Stray Sniper round, 1-Wia ***** 21Sep67 ***** Co. C- Booby Trap, 1-Wia ***** 21Sep67 ***** Co. C- Engineers attached to Company, probing a Mine with combat knives when it detonated. 2-Kia’s *****

22Sep67 to 28Sep67 SHELBYVILLE 

Province: Quang Nam- 4 miles S/E of Dai Loc. Units: 1st Mar(HQ), 2/1, BLT-1/3, 3/5, 1/11-Artillery. Object: **C co Marines were airlifted into LZ HAWK 4 miles SE of Dai Loc. 2/1 occupied a blocking force to the east, and 3/5 blocked to the south. BLT 1/3 sweep the operational area in an easterly direction. Sniper fire was the only enemy response. On the 20th 17 Vietnamese women and children were found in a village, most wounded. They stated the VC took them out of their bunker so the VC could use it and were hit by air strikes. 5 were KIA. They were medivaced for treatment. Significant contact was made on the 26th by a VC company. Air and arty were called in with a number of VC KIA. On the 28th C co Marines foot marched to LIBERTY BRIDGE for loading back aboard ship.** Cost: **10 VC KIA, 7 poss KIA. 4 USMC KIA, 28 WIA, 13 WIA ne.** ***** BLT-1/3 sustained the above cost for the operation. 1/3 also captured 28-VCS ***** 22Sep67 ***** Co. D- Punji Trap, 1-Wia ***** 22Sep67 ***** Co. D- Punji Trap, again, 1-Wia ***** 22Sep67 ***** Co. A- Punji Trap, 1-Wia ***** 23Sep67 ***** Co. D- Incoming SAF into company lines during early morning hours, 1-Wia ***** 23Sep67 ***** Co. D- Anti-personnel Mine detonated, 3-Wia’s ***** 23Sep67 ***** Co. A- Punji Trap with steel spike, 1-Wia ***** 23Sep67 ***** Co. A- Punji Trap again, 2-Wia’s ***** 23Sep67 ***** Co. A- Night Listening Post received 15 rounds of automatic weapons fire, 1-Kia ***** 24Sep67 ***** Co. H&S- Corpsman stepped into Punji Trap, 1-Wia ***** 26Sep67 ***** Co. C- Booby Trapped Chicom Grenade, 4-Wia’s ***** 26Sep67 ***** Co. D- Incoming Mortar rounds, 2-Wia’s ***** 26Sep67 ***** BLT-1/3- Alpha Command Group- Received 20 rounds of 81mm Mortar Fire Incoming, 1-Kia and 1-Wia’s(including one corpsman). ***** 26Sep67 ***** Co. D- More Incoming Mortar rounds, 3-Wia’s ***** 26Sep67 ***** Co. A- While assisting Company B, who was under heavy enemy fire, Attacked by the enemy with SAF and AWF, 4-Wia’s ***** 26Sep67 ***** Co. C- Booby Trapped Grenade, 3-Wia’s ***** 28Sep67 ***** Co. A- Booby Trap, 1-Kia and 4-Wia’s *****

30Sep67 ***** BLT-1/3 participated in four Operations for the month of September, sustaining 6-Kia’s and 107-Wia’s. 1/3 also inflicted 26- VC/Kia’s (confirmed), 19- VC/Kia’s(probable), and captured total of 111-VCS/POW’s for the month. ***** **NOTE: Beach Party at CHINA BEACH btwn 1-9 Oct. ** 10Oct67 to 20Oct67 BASTION HILL / MEDINA Provinces: Quang Tri & Thau Thien- in the Hai Lang National Forest. Units: 1st Mar(HQ), 1/1, 2/1, BLT-1/3, 1/4, 1/11( 1/3 Bastion Hill). Object: C/1/3 with battalion had went into area to set up a blocking force in the mountains on October 10th, the day before the operation was to start. At approx. 0400 hours on the 11th, C/1/3 was OVER-RUN with lots of casualties including the Captain and XO both KIA.(Captain survived-WIA). **SLF-Alpha’s mission in the operation was to serve as a blocking force for the 1st Marines, on the eastern edge of the operational area. The Hai Lang forest contained the communist base Area 101, and elements of the 5th and 6th NVA Regiments. Except for a fierce action between company C and a company of NVA early on the 11th, the battalion’s contact with the enemy involved scattered firefights, incoming mortar rounds, and booby traps. On the 11th , C co was attacked by 40 to 50 man NVA force. An LP received an incoming satchel charge as well as grenades an additional satchel charges on elements of C co. On the 14th, C co Marines observed 7 VC dressed in helmets and flack jackets moving towards there area. 81’s were called in, during the fight a green cluster was fired, no friendly troops were in the area. On the 17th 12 to 15 VC were spotted through the STARLIGHT scope, 60mm mortars were fired. On the 19th C co Marines moved by trucked to another area to start a sweep. ** Cost: **35 Marine KIA and 174 WIA. 64 communist KIA.** ***** The operation started with a heliborne assault into the area, and moving into the blocking positions. BLT-1/3 sustained 10-Kia’s and 48-Wia’s while inflicting 8-VC/NVA Kia’s(confirmed), 25-VC/NVA Kia’s(probable), and capturing 8-VCS/POW’s on the enemy. *****

10Oct67 ***** Co. D- Booby Trap, 1-Wia ***** 10Oct67 ***** BLT-1/3- Attached Btry A/1/12- Booby Trapped Mine, 1-Wia ***** 11Oct67 ***** Co. C- Early morning incoming Artillery rounds, believed Friendly Fire(possible H&I fire-Short rounds), 2-Wia’s ***** 11Oct67 ***** Co. C- Lines attacked and left flank OVER-RAN by estimated 25 to 50 man enemy force at approx.0400 hrs, 7-Kia’s and 18-Wia’s(including Captain-Wia and XO-Kia). ***** 11Oct67 ***** Co. A- Patrol while searching area after C Co. Over-ran, fire fight, received SAF and Grenades, 2-Wia’s ***** 11Oct67 ***** Co. D- Patrol received Sniper fire, 1-Wia ***** 11Oct67 ***** Co. D- Incoming Grenade on lines, 1-Wia ***** 11Oct67 ***** Co. C- Night Listening Post, incoming grenade or small satchel charge, 3-Wia’s and a radio damaged. ***** 12Oct67 ***** Co. D- Patrol Ambushed, received AWF, 1-Kia and 2-Wia’s sustained. ***** 12Oct67 ***** Co. D- Booby Trap, 1-Wia ***** 12Oct67 ***** Co. D- Night Ambush received AWF, 1-Wia. ***** 13Oct67 ***** Co. D- Booby Trapped Grenade, 1-Wia ***** 15Oct67 ***** Co. C- Night Listening post heard movement, and they an outpost from Company A threw Grenades and fired M-79 rounds, possible Friendly Fire incident, 3-Wia’s. ***** 15Oct67 ***** Co. D- Booby Trapped Grenade, 1-Wia. ***** 15Oct67 ***** Co. C- Listening Post(early evening) received an incoming Grenade, 2-Wia’s. ***** 16Oct67 ***** Co. B- Night 81mm Mortar H&I Short round inside company perimeter, Friendly fire incident, 5-Wia’s. ***** 18Oct67 ***** Co. D- Early morning patrol, detonated Booby Trapped grenade, 1-Wia. ***** 18Oct67 ***** Co. A- Accident, when the safety pin slipped from a grenade being set as a booby trap, Friendly fire incident. 1-Wia. *****

20Oct67 to 23Oct67 LIBERTY II / FREMONT 

Province: Tinh Quang Tri, Quan Hai Lang sector. Units: 4th Mar(HQ), BLT-1/3. Object: **BLT moved by truck to a new blocking position west of Route 1 and the railroad between Hai Lang and Phong Dien. This operation was intended to prevent the Communist from disrupting the South Vietnamese National Assembly elections. BLT activity during the next 3 days involved squad and fire team patrols and encounters with the enemy. BLT 1/3 was trucked to Camp EVANS to await the next assignment. One of the major logistical considerations during this period was to get the Marines of 1/3 an extra poncho and liner, winter had come to Vietnam.** ***** BLT-1/3 sustained No Kia’s and only 3-Wia’s, while inflicting 1-VC Kia(confirmed), 1-VC Kia(probable), and capturing 10-VCS/POW’s during operation. ***** 20Oct67 ***** Co. B- Night Ambush, contact with unknown number of VC with light MG or BAR, Fire fight, 1-Wia. ***** 20Oct67 ***** Co. C- Booby Trapped Grenade, 1-Wia. ***** 23Oct67 ***** Co. D- Booby Trapped Chicom Grenade, 1-Wia. ***** 26Oct67 to 04Nov67 GRANITE Province: Tinh Thua Thien- Hai Lang forest again. Units: 4th Mar(HQ), BLT-1/3, 1/4, ARVN Object: **A dawn helicopter assault into the Hai Lang forest started the operation for BLT 1/3. The operation was a two battalion sweep into communist Base 114. 1/4 and BLT were under the operational control of the 4th Marines. The enemy consistently harassed the BLT, staying within a few hundred meters, and making night probes with a consistency not normally experienced. A friendly fire air strike wounded two marines, a “short” 60mm mortar round wounded another, and an artillery round wounded yet another. The operation appeared jinxed. The Base Camp 114, was never located. The BLT returned to Camp Evans.** Cost: SLF-**17 communist KIA. 3 Marines KIA and 17 WIA. 652 arty missions called, 59 F4 sorties.** ***** BLT-1/3 sustained 3-Kia’s and 24-Wia’s while inflicting 17-NVA /VC Kia’s(confirmed) and 28-NVA/VC Kia’s(probable) on the enemy during this operation. ***** 27Oct67 ***** BLT-1/3 Recon- Patrol received SAF, 1-Wia. ***** 28Oct67 ***** Co. D- Platoon Ambushed with AWF, 1-Kia and 6-Wia’s. ***** 29Oct67 ***** Co. B- Received AWF, 2-Wia’s. *****

29Oct67 ***** Co. D- Fire fight with 10-VC, 2-Wia’s. ***** 30Oct67 ***** Co. A- Patrol in Fire fight with 4-VC, 1-Kia. ***** 30Oct67 ***** BLT-1/3- In other Actions, the BLT sustained 3-Wia’s. One of the wounded was from Company B, when a Friendly Aircraft was making a strafing run on a hill across the valley from BLT positions, and was struck by one of many falling shell casings (20mm Cannon Fire Casing) and his injury was non-emergency Wia. I also was close to the falling Casings, almost got hit too, and did pick up one HOT one as a souvenir(still have it-DJB). ***** 31Oct67 ***** Co. A- Received AWF, 2-Wia’s. ***** 31Oct67 ***** Co. D- Ambushed, received AWF, 2-Wia’s. ***** 31Oct67 ***** Co. D- Incoming 60mm Mortars, SAF, 1-Wia. ***** 31Oct67 ***** Co. B- Contact with NVA patrol, Fire fight SAF, 4-Wia’s. ***** 31Oct67 ***** Operation “Granite” was still in progress at the end of reporting period, which included two other Operations. BLT-1/3 sustained 14-Kia’s and 70-Wia’s while inflicting 11-NVA/VC Kia’s (confirmed), 24-NVA/VC Kia’s(probable), 1-NVA/VC Wia (probable), and capturing 14-VCS/POW’s for the month of October. ***** 02Nov67 ***** Co. B- Received 8 rounds of 60mm Mortar fire, 1-Wia. ***** 03Nov67 ***** BLT-1/3 Recon- Patrol screening the rear of BLT, was hit with AWF, 1-Kia. *****

06Nov67 to 16Nov67 KENTUCKY 

Province: Quang Tri- Con Thien area of DMZ. Units: 3rd Mar Div(HQ), 1/1, 2/1, BLT-1/3, 2/3, 3/3, 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 1/9, 2/9, 3/9, 1/26, 2/26, 3rd Tank battalion, 1st Brig 5th Infantry (US Army). Object: **C co helo’d into CAM LO, sniper and mortar rounds were incoming into the company area. On the 10th C co Marines moved out into the field to act as blocking force for 9th Mar. On the 12th C co Marines walked into C3 and then helo’d to Dong Ha. ** Though BLT-1/3 only participated in operation for 10 days, the original start of the operation was November 1st,1967 and went till February 28, 1969. Operation KENTUCKY included the area between Cam Lo, Dong ha, and Con Thien.

Cost: **14 VC KIA, 7 KIA pos, 1 NVA POW. 3 Marines KIA, 12 WIA, 4 WIAne.** Total operation-USMC-52 KIA and 3079 WIA. Enemy losses 3921 KIA. Per 3rdmarines-operations lists 107 U.S. KIA (Marines). ***** BLT-1/3 was in defensive positions in the vicinity of C-3 from the 6th-9th of November, assisting the 9th Marines in Phase II of Operation “Kentucky”. On the 10th, the Battalion moved north to attack positions just short of the Trace, and began Attack north of the Trace on the 11th to seize different objectives. Once the objectives were were searched, units returned to C-3, and onto Dong Ha. On the 14th of November, Phase III of Operation “Kentucky” had started, with the Battalion being the 3rd Marine Division RESERVE unit, at Dong Ha. BLT-1/3 sustained 3-Kia’s and 16-Wia’s, while inflicting 14-VC/NVA Kia’s(confirmed), 7-VC/NVA Kia’s (probable), and capturing 1-NVA-POW on the enemy during the Operation. ***** 10Nov67 ***** Co. A- Incoming Short round of Artillery, Friendly fire incident, 1-Wia. ***** 11Nov67 ***** Co. D- Company while attacking regimental objective-B was taken under heavy fire at point blank range by automatic and semi-automatic SAF. The NVA were in well concealed bunkers and numbered approximately one platoon. Elements of the company returned fire on the enemy. 1-Kia and 15-Wia’s. ***** 11Nov67 ***** Co. D- Company while attacking through objective-D made contact with an estimated squad of NVA well dug in. Elements phisically assaulted the NVA positions. 1-Kia and 1-Wia. *****

24Nov67 to 27Nov67 BALLISTIC ARCH 

Province: Quang Tri- 7 clicks from the DMZ. Unit: BLT-1/3 Object: **The operation was a combined helicopter and surface assault of the Viet Cong held villages on the northern coast of Quang Tri. The operation targeted Communist sympathizers around the village of Mai Xa Thi . The expected contact did not occur, due to what was determined to be “poor intelligence”. C co Marines landed at LZ ROBIN at 0700. After sweeping the AO, taking a little sniper fire, C co Marines went to the North of the Cua Viet river and an amphibious withdrawal from WHITE BEACH to Dong Ha. ** Cost: **1 VC POW.** ***** BLT-1/3 made limited contact with the enemy during the operation. There were no mining incidents or the enemy harassing activities, as the enemy chose to avoid contact and apparently moved out of the area. No fighting holes, bunkers, or fortifications of any kind were uncovered during the operation. The Battalion did not sustain any casualities, and captured 1-VC/POW. ***** 24Nov67 ***** Co’s. B or A- During the Amphibious Assault on Green Beach the seas were rough(surf conditions were considered hazzardous), and water was knee deep in some of the LVT’s. Two Marines were sweep from the top on one of the LVT’s into the sea. Fortunately they were RESCUED. ***** 30Nov67 *****

BLT-1/3 participated in three Operations( continued and finished Granite, both Phases II and III of Kentucky, and started Operation “Kentucky V”) during the month of November. BLT-1/3 sustained 4-Kia’s and 17-Wia’s while inflicting 25-VC/NVA Kia’s(con- firmed), 23-VC/NVA Kia’s(probable), and capturing 2-POW’s on the enemy. *****

29Nov67 to 29Dec67 KENTUCKY V
Province: Quang Tri- Between Con Thien and Gio Linh at A-3 fire base. Unit: BLT-1/3. Object: BLT-1/3 provided security at the NEW Fire Base A-3, as Marine Engineers built the bunkers and command post. Artillery three times daily, 0800 hrs, 1200 hrs, and 1600 hrs- set your watch to it. Rain and MUD. On the 17th of December C/1/3 went to C-4 Fire Base, and had a major fight with the enemy north of C-4. That day a lot of our friends were burned with Napalm (our Napalm- friendly fire accident). C/1/3 was assigned to C-4 the remainder of the year, and till after TET was over. ***** BLT-1/3 while providing security for the Engineers to build A-3, had very little contact with the enemy.The Battalion was Not to penntrate grid square 1770 to the south, due to a large concentration of Mines and Booby Traps. Between the 3rd and 19th of December, the Enemy employed 85mm and 130mm Artillery, 102mm and 140mm Rockets, 82mm Mortars, and 57mm Recoilless Rifle Fire while Firing 578 Rounds into the A-3 area. 2 additional rounds were received at A-3 on the 27th. On the 29th, the operation ended with combined tactical Foot and Motor March to the Quang Tri Airfield Complex. ***** 11Dec67 ***** Co. C- On patrol south of A-3, the Company walked into a Mine Field. After hitting the 3rd Mine(apparent AP Mine), the Company backtracked out of the mine field, and returned to A-3. 1-Kia and 9-Wia’s. ***** 16Dec67 ***** Co. C- The Company was ordered OPCON to the 1st AMTRAC BN., to C-4 Complex. *****17Dec67 ***** Co. C- Moving to and patroling north of C-4, made heavy contact with the NVA. During the Fire fight unknown number of friendly casualities(at least 1-Kia, and approximately 8-9 injured/wounded /burned by Napalm from Friendly Aircraft). ***** 20Dec67 ***** Co. A- The Company was ordered OPCON to the 1st Amtrac Bn., and returned back to BLT-1/3 on 01Jan68. ***** 31Dec67 ***** BLT-1/3 sustained 10-Kia’s and 70-Wia’s, while inflicting 2- VC/NVA Kia’s(confirmed), and 12-VC/NVA Kia’s(probable) on the enemy during the month of December. Unknown if “C” Companies casualities at C-4 area included. *****

1968 30Dec67 to 12Feb68 NAPOLEON 

Province: Quang Tri- Mouth of Cua Viet river, south of C-4. Units: 3/1, BLT-1/3(C/1/3). Object: Operation NAPOLEON was 3/1’s in the area of Cua Viet river, which had started 04Nov67 and ran till 28Feb68. C/1/3 assisted numerous times while also stationed at C-4. **On the 19th of January, a platoon from company C, 1/3, patrolling the sand dunes along the coast north of the A-1 strongpoint, ran into a company from the communist K-400 Main Force Battalion. Cpl. Ronald Asher, the acting weapons platoon Sergeant, remembered that he and two of his machine gun teams accompanied the platoon. According to Asher, the lead squad walked right into the NVA positions, and that “within seconds” the unmistakable sound of AK47s and M16s could be heard with the unmistakable cough of the M60 machinegun was earth shattering. For a few chaotic hours the platoon took cover as best it could and attempted to recover its casualties. Cpl Asher recalls that he and another squad leader assumed control of the platoon, after the platoon leader and Sergeant were incapacitated. By 1500 after the arrival of the LVTs from Cua Viet, both sides broke contact. 3 Marine KIA, 33 WIA. 23 communist KIA. TET, the official communist New Year opened early with attacks on all the major cities, and American and South Vietnamese bases.** ***** C/1/3 of BLT-1/3 could have participated in this operation. C/1/3 was Opcon 1st Amtrac Bn. at C-4 area till after TET. *****


01Jan68 to 20Jan68 OCEOLA 

Province: Quang Tri Units: 1st Marines, BLT-1/3(excluding C/1/3) Object: BLT-13 assumed the mission of defending the Quang Tri Airfield Complex. Offensive action was limited to squad and platoon patrolling west of the Airfield complex, with light contact with the enemy(CD Rom). 05Jan68 ***** BLT-1/3 deactivated from 9th MAB/SLF, redesignated as 1/3, and assigned back to 3rd Marine Division( 1/3 assumed 2/4’s place, and 2/4 went to SLF/on Float). ***** 19Jan68 ***** Co. C- Platoon patrol Ambushed north of C-4, Daylong Fire fight, Re-enforcements called in. 3-Kia’s and 33-Wia’s.( mentioned above in Operation Napoleon). *****

21Jan68 to 31Jan68 OCEOLA II 

Province: Quang Tri Units: 3rd Mar Div(HQ), 1/3(excluding C/1/3) Object: 1/3 at the Quang Tri Airfield Complex continued to provide for the defense of the Airfield Complex, continued to conduct offensive operations to the west of the Complex, and was the Reserve for the Division in case needed somewhere else. The enemy contact was characterised as only sporadic(CD Rom). 31Jan68 ***** 1/3 sustained 4-Kai’s and 26-Wia’s while inflicting 1-NVA Kia for the month of January. ***** 13Feb68 to 16Feb68 OSCEOLA II Province: Quang Tri Units: 3rd Mar(HQ), 1/1, 1/3. Object: Operation OSCEOLA II was the 3rd Marines operation in Quang Tri, which had started 21Jan68 to February 16th. C/1/3 assisted the last 4 days of the operation. **C co was helo’d into Quang Tri on the 15th from C4.** ***** 1/3 apparently continued Operation “Oceola II” from 31Jan68, till the end of the operation. There were NO stats in the CD Rom for the month of Frbruary for 1/3. C/1/3 members would show this “Oceola II” entry in their Military Records. *****

17Feb68 to 29Feb68 JEB STUART

 Province: Quang Tri & Thua Thien. Units: 1st Cav Div(HQ), 1-101, 2-101, C/1/3. Object: 1st Air Cav was at Quang Tri, and handling operation JEB STUART in both Quang Tri and Thua Thien provinces. The operation had started in January 1968(21st), and would run until March 31st. The 1st Cav Div was to reinforce the III MAF in area between Quang Tri and Hue and Phu Bia. C/1/3 was assigned to the 1st Air Cav and assisted in there operation. Cost: Per Vietnam archives/ operations, 3268 Enemy KIA. No other losses listed for Army or Marines. Per 3rdmarines-operations, U.S. losses were 127 KIA. 29Feb68 ***** 1/3 did not have any stats in the CD Rom for the month of February. *****

01Mar68 to 03Jun68 NAPOLEON / SALINE 

Province: Quang Tri- Cua Viet river, Dong Ha area. Units: 3 Mar Div(HQ), 2/1, 3/1, 1/3, 2/3, 3/3, 2/4, 1/9, 2/9, 2/26, 2nd Brig 1st Cav Div(US Army), 1st Brig 5th Inf Div(US Army), 3rd Bat 21st Inf 196th Inf Brig(US Army). Object: Operation by 3rd Marine Division which started on February 28th and ran through 09Dec68. Search and destroy missions around Dong Ha and the Cua Viet river areas (N/E quadrant of Quang Tri Province) using many Marine units and also US Army units. Cost: Total Operation (13 month of search and destroy missions) USMC- 395 KIA and 2134 WIA. Enemy losses 3495 KIA and 106 Captured. Unknown if US ARMY losses are included in the Marines total. Per 3rdmarines-operations operation Napoleon/ Saline started 29Feb68 and ran to 12Sep68 along Cua Viet River with 3495 Enemy KIA and U.S. losses 117 KIA. ***** 1/3 remained at the Quang Tri Airfield Complex, and participated in Operation “Napoleon/Saline” with the mission to deny the enemy access to the river area and ensure uninterrupted traffic there on. Company and platoon size Search and Destroy operations along the south bank of the river. 1/3 was also the Reserve for the Division, to assist in the western and southern portions of the AO. This to deny enemy capability to deliver indirect fire against River Traffic, Dong Ha, Cu Viet, and Quang Tri.***** 05Mar68 ***** 1/3(unknown Companies), while north of the river had organized NVA contact at DAI DO. ***** 07Mar68 ***** 1/3(unknown Companies), Still north of the river, more NVA contact at the village of Phu Tai. ***** 31Mar68 ***** 1/3 had one Company Opcon to 1st Amtrac Bn. at C-4 Area (unknown Company). 1/3 also sustained 18-Kia’s and 95-Wia’s while inflicting 36-VC/NVA Kia’s(confirmed) and capturing 7-POW’s on the enemy during the month while participating on the operation. For the month of March, 1/3 rotated 5-Officers and 162- Enlisted to GO HOME(this included Ron Asher, Richie Huffman, Larry Hargrave, Lee Levesque, and me-Don Bumgarner plus many of our other friend’s). *****

30Apr68 ***** 1/3 for the month April continued participating in Operation “Napoleon/Saline” within the Cua Viet River Area, to deny enemy access to the River area and ensure uninterrupted traffic thereon. Mainly on the south side of river. 1/3 sustained 15 KIA’s and 54 WIA’s for the month, while inflicting 69 VC/NVA KIA’s (CD Rom). ***** 03May68 ***** 1/3 still participating in Operation “Napoleon/Saline” moved NORTH of the Cua Viet River to the villages of DAI DO, THUONG DO, and TRUC KINH. Heavy Enemy contact was encountered at DAI DO. The battle of Dai Do was from May 3rd to May 9th, and units I/3/4 and M/3/4 assisted. The Fierce fighting ended with 1/3 inflicting 338 VC/NVA KIA’s on the Enemy and capturing 6 POW’s.(CD Rom). ***** 25May68 ***** 1/3 still operating North of Cua Viet river, made Heavy contact with the Enemy again in the villages of THANH HOI and LIA AN. 1/3 assiated by units F/2/4 and A/1/9 were engaged in battle from May 25th to the 31st. During this second battle of the month, 1/3 inflicted 78 NVA KIA’s on the Enemy and captured 6 more POW’s(CD Rom). ***** 31May68 ***** For the month of May, 1/3 sustained a total of 48 KIA’s and 223 WIA’s. Also 1/3 claimed 421 VC/NVA KIA’s and a total of 12 POW’s. Lots of enemy equiptment and weapons were captured during the month(CD Rom). ***** 04Jun68 to 16Jun68 KENTUCKY Province: Quang Tri-Area around Con Thien Units: 3rd Mar Div, and other Marine units. Object: Return to operation Kentucky, started 01Nov67 by 3rd Marine Division in area between Cam Lo, Dong Ha, and Con Thien. 17Jun to 26Jun68 LANCASTER II Province: Quang Tri Units: 3rd Mar Div(HQ), 1/1, 1/3, 2/3, 3/3, 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 1/9, 2/9, 3/9, 2/26. Object: 3rd Marine Division operations in area of Quang Tri. Operations in area started 20Jan68 and run through 23Nov68. Numerous Marine Units are used at different times during the total operation. Cost: Per 3rdmarnes-operations 1801 Enemy KIA, unknown USMC Losses (KIA and WOUNDED). 30Jun68 ***** There were no stats for the month of June for 1/3. *****


Province: Quang Tri Unit: 3rd Mar(HQ), 1/3, ??.(C/1/3-there) ***** 1/3 was back in Operation “Napoleon/Saline” A.O. from the 1st to the 8th of July for Operation JONES CREEK. During this operation, 1/3 fought elements of the 138th Independant Regiment and 48th Reg/320 Division NVA. Heavy fighting ensued with 1/3 inflicting 151 NVA/KIA’s and capturing 6 POW’s, while sustaining 5 KIA’s and 58 WIA’s. 1/3 was moved to Quang Tri Combat Base for a one day Refitting/Resupply of all units refered to as Operation “SURE” on the 8th of July. (CD Rom). ***** 04Jul68 ***** Co. C- ambushed/platoon of enemy/firefight/small-arms and automatic weapons fire 1-Kia, 2-Wia’s ***** 04Jul68 ***** Co. B- small-arms/12 Rds 82mm mortars 6-Wia’s ***** 05Jul68 ***** Co. C- small-arms/11 Rds incoming 60mm mortars 2-Kia’s and 3-Wia’s ***** 05Jul68 ***** 1/3- 25-30 Rds 82mm mortars/small-arms/RPG/57mm Recoiless Rifle fire 5-Wia’s and 1-damaged USMC tank***** 05Jul68 ***** Co. C- Tank hit mine 2-Wia’s ***** 06Jul68 ***** Co. B- Booby-Trap Explosion 1-Wia ***** 06Jul68 ***** 1/3- 40-45 Rds 130mm Artillery incomming 1-Kia ***** 06Jul68 ***** Co. C- Claymore type mine 1-Wia ***** 06Jul68 ***** 1/3- 25-30 Rds 130mm Artillery incomming 22-Wia’s ***** 07Jul68 ***** 1/3- 40-45 Rds 130mm Artillery incomming 7-Wia’s ***** 07Jul68 ***** 1/3- 75-80 Rds 85mm Artillery/mortars/ heavy firefight during assault, Co.’s A & B assisted coordinated assault using tanks and artillery 1-Kia, 9-Wia’s ***** 09Jul68 to 16Jul68 SCOTLAND II Province: Quang Tri- area around Khe Sanh.

Units: 3rd Mar Div (HQ), 1/1, 2/1, 1/3, 2/3, 3/3, 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 1/9, 2/9, 3/9, 1/26, 2/26, 3/26, 2nd Brig 1st Cav Div(US Army). Object: 3rd Marine Division Operations around KHE SANH. Operations started 14Apr68 and ran through 28Feb69, using numerous Marine Units and some US Army units also. Search and destroys missions. Cost: Total operation USMC- 463 KIA and 2555 WIA(most battles after Siege). Enemy had 3311 KIA. (The listed Cost per Vietnam Archives/Operations was USMC- 435 KIA, 2395 WIA, and 32 Missing in Action. Enemy KIA 3311 PAVN). Per 3rdmarines- operations 1st Mar Div operations around Khe Sanh with 3311 Enemy KIA and 270 U.S. KIA. ***** 1/3 with Bravo Command Group, D/1/4, G/2/4, and L/3/4 were assigned security and protection of Camp Carrol, Khe Gio Bridge, and Route #9 area during this operation. (CD Rom). *****

17Jul68 to 16Aug68 LANCASTER II 

Province: Quang Tri Units: C/1/3 back on operations in area of Quang Tri, for 3rd Marine Division. This operation will run till 23Nov68. C co Marines will be back later. ***** 1/3 was in the MUTTERS RIDGE Area to secure and construct LZ’s and River Off Loading Zones. Between the 27th to 31st of July, 1/3 was in the Hayride Valley near Stuarts Rock area. This per the CD Rom.***** 29Jul68 ***** Co. A- 5-10 rds small-arms fire incomming 2-Wia’s ***** 31Jul68 ***** 1/3 for the month of July sustained 5 KIA’s and 97 WIA’s, while inflicting 167 NVA/KIA’s and 11 POW’s(CD Rom). *****

16Aug68 to 24Aug68 LANCASTER II / JUPITER 

Province: Quang Tri Units: 3rd Mar Div(HQ), C/1/3, and other unknown units. Object: Search and destroy missions in area. ***** 1/3 with Company C leading air assualt into DMZ, landed and the Enemy launched mortar attack on landing zone causing many casualities with 150 rounds 60 mm mortar incomming. 1/3 continued the Search and Destroy operation, capturing tons on enemy gear/rounds, and destroying numerous bunkers. 1/3 sustained 7 KIA’s and 99 WIA’s for this operation per the CD Rom. ***** 16Aug68 ***** Co. C- air assault LZ received 50 Rds 60mm mortars/Recoilless Rifle Fire 18 Wia’s *****

16Aug68 ***** 1/3- air assault LZ received 100 Rds 60mm mortars attack 4-Kia’s, 72 Wia’s ***** 18Aug68 ***** Co. D- Contact/Firefight/Platoon of enemy 3-Kia’s and 9-Wia’s ***** 25Aug68 to 28Aug68 KENTUCKY Province: Quang Tri- Operations in Leatherneck Square( this is area between Con Thien, Cam Lo, and Dong Ha). Units: 3rd Marine Division, C/1/3,and other marine units. Object: Return to Leatherneck Square(N/E quadrant of Quang Tri Province), for more search and destroy missions. The Operation-Kentucky will continue till 28Feb69. ***** 1/3 conducted operations in Leatherneck Square with the 1st Marines. Later 1/3 was passed from 1st Marines to the 1st Bde 5th Inf Div(Mechanical) US Army(CD Rom). ***** 27Aug68 ***** Co. C Grenade/friendly to close 1-Wia ***** 29Aug68 to 31Aug68 LANCASTER II / JUPITER Province: Quang Tri Units: 3rd Mar Div(HQ), C/1/3, and other units. Object: More search and destroy missions in area. ***** 1/3 conducted a supporting arms/PSYOPS operation in the vicinity of the RAZOR BACK on the 30th of August; with Artillery, air support, tanks, twin 40mm M42, ONTOS, and all organic infantry weapons coordinated their fires on enemy forces in the area. Attached Psyops teams broadcast Cheui Hoi propoganda throughout the day. Air Observers reported numerous secondary explosions from air and artillery in the area(CD Rom). ***** 30Aug68 ***** Co. B- Booby-Trap Explosive 1-Wia ***** 30Aug68 ***** 1/3- received 30-35 Rds light Artillery/Rockets 4-Wia’s ***** 31Aug68 ***** 1/3 for the month of August sustained 7 KIA’s and 114 WIA’s with 40 NVA/KIA’s and 1 POW(CD Rom). *****

01Sep68 to 05Nov68 LANCASTER II 

Province: Quang Tri Units: 3rd Marine Division, C/1/3, and other Marine units. Object: Search and destroy missions in area of Quang Tri. This operation will end 23Nov68.

30Sep68 ***** 1/3 maintained security for Camp Carrol, Convoy Escort for Dong Ha Mtn OP, Khe Gio Bridge, Route #9, amd provided Sparrow Hawk for other units in the area. Rao Vinh River Valley, Kentucky AO, Lancaster AO east and west, and C-1 to Gio Linh on Route #1 area after the 21st of September. NO Casualities were reported for the month(CD Rom). ***** 09Oct68 ***** Co. C- recieved 10 rds 6mm mortars 9-Wia’s ***** 09Oct68 ***** Co. D- recieved 14 rds 60mm mortars 2-Kia’s, 10-Wia’s ***** 10Oct68 ***** Co. A- received 12 rds 60mm mortars 4-Wia’s **** 20Oct68 ***** Co. D- received 24 rds 130mm Artillery 1-Wia ***** 22Oct68 ***** 1/3 and Co. D- received 10 rds 130mm Artillery 1-Kia, and 3-Wia’s ***** 26Oct68 ***** Co. D- round in trash fire-M79 exploded 1-Wia ***** 31Oct68 ***** 1/3 provided security for Thon Son Lam, Khe Gio Bridge, Route #9, FSB Catapult, and FSB Winchester during the month of October.

Between the 8th and 22nd of October 1/3 entered the DMZ to the Ben Hai River in the northern and western sections of Lancaster II AO. 1/3 sustained 3 KIA’s and 25 WIA’s for the month, with 18 NVA/KIA’s(CD Rom). ***** 12Nov68 ***** Co. B- small-arms/2 rds 60mm mortars 1-Wia ***** 13Nov68 ***** Co. A- accidental Grenade incident 1-Kia, 3-Wia’s ***** 14Nov68 ***** Co. A- LZ Sierra ambush/platoon size enemy force/Directional Mines/Grenades/small-arms/automatic weapons/60mm mortars 7-Kia’s, 23-Wia’s, and 1-Scout DOG-Kia ***** 16Nov68 ***** Co. C- Directional mines detenated 1-Wia ***** 19Nov68 ***** Co. C- 30-60 60mm and 82mm mortar attack 1-Kia ***** 20Nov68 ***** Co. D- Mine hit during road sweep 1-Kia, 1-Wia ***** 30Nov68 ***** 1/3 continued providing security during the month of November for Camp Carrol, Dong Ha Mtn OP, Khe Gio Bridge and Route #9 in th AO. Convoy escorts and Road Sweeps too. 1st to 11th of November in Lancaster II AO, 11th and 12th in Lancaster II Cam Lo area, 12th to 21st in Lancaster/Kentucky AO, and 21st to 30th in Lancaster(East Quang Tri Province) Gio Linh area. 1/3 sustained 8 KIA’s and 41 WIA’s with 8 NVA/KIA’s and 1 POW for November(CD Rom). *****


06Dec68 to 08Mar69 TAYLOR COMMON 

Province: Quang Nam- area S/W of An Hoa Units: 1st Mar Div(HQ), 1/3, 3/3, 1/5, 2/5, 3/5, 2/7, 2/26, 3/26. Object: 1st Marine Division search and destroy missions in area S/W of An Hoa. C/1/3 assisted with numerous other Marine units. Cost: USMC- 156 KIA and 1327 WIA. Marine battalions killed 1398 enemy and captured 610. Per 3rdmarines-operations Enemy losses were 1299 KIA and unknown U.S. losses. 31Dec68 ***** 1/3 continued Civil Action Operations in the Gio Linh area with the 2nd ARVN Regiment- Kentucky AO. From the 7th thru the 10th assisted in Blocking Forces in Operations “NOMAD II” and “NOMAD III”. From the 10th to 13th prepared for and Refitting/Resupply for attachment to !st Marine Division in the An Hoa area for Operation “Taylor Common”. 1/3 was airlifted on the 13th in helicopterborne assault and establish FSB 558. !/3 also established Regimental Relay on Hill 1050, and conducted search and destroy missions the remainder of the month of December. 1/3 sustained 4 KIA’s only, and had 14 VC/NVA KIA’s for the month. ***** 1969 02Jan69 ***** Co. B- Booby Trapped Mine 5-Wia’s ***** 14Jan69 ***** Co. C- Fire-fight/8-NVA/ automatic weapons 3-Wia’s and 1-Scout DOG-Kia ***** 14Jan69 ***** Co. C- at LZ Arlene 12 rds 60mm mortars 1-Wia ***** 15Jan69 ***** 1/3- Huey carrying Col. SPARKS and others SHOT DOWN 8-Kia’s(All on the chopper) ***** 18Jan69 ***** Co. B- ambushed/small-arms/grenade 1-Wia ***** 21Jan69 ***** 1/3- Friendly Fire-Artillery from FSB Pike-6 RDS 3-Kia’s and 16-Wia’s ***** 21Jan69 ***** Co. B- 2-Booby Trapped ChiCom Grenades 4-Wia’s ***** 22Jan69 ***** Co. A- Fire-fight/CH-46 DOWN Mechanical/ Sparrow Hawk/ Contact again 3-Kia’s and 2-Wia’s ***** 22Jan69 ***** 1/3- Downed CH-46/mechanical failure above 3-Wia’s(non hostile) *****

22Jan69 ***** Co. B- Patrol Ambushed/3-NVA 3-Wia’s ***** 22Jan69 ***** Co. B- Perimeter Attacked/4-6 NVA/Grenades/Small-arms/ Automatic weapons 4-Wia’s ***** 23Jan69 ***** Co. B- Patrol ambushed/2-NVA/small-arms 1-Wia ***** 23Jan69 ***** Co. D- Perimeter 2-incomming Grenades 2-Wia’s ***** 25Jan69 ***** Co. B- Ambush/10-12 NVA/2-30 cal MG’s/AK47’s/from Bunkers 1-Kia and 4-Wia’s ***** 25Jan69 ***** Co. A- Fire-Fight/Ambush/7-NVA 1-Wia ***** 25Jan69 ***** Co. B- 2-ChiComs/small-arms/into lines 2-Wia’s ***** 26Jan69 ***** Co. A- Fire-Fight/Ambush/7-NVA 4-Wia’s ***** 27Jan69 ***** Co. A- Fire-Fight/1-NVA 1-Wia ***** 27Jan69 ***** Co. A- Fire-Figth/Ambush/7-NVA 3-Wia’s ***** 27Jan69 ***** Co. C- Fire-Fight/4-NVA 2-Wia’s ***** 28Jan69 ***** Co. C- Fire-Fight/4-6 NVA/machine gun 2-Wia’s ***** 29Jan69 ***** Co. B- Perimeter Attacked/6-8 NVA/10-RPG’s/4-Gernades/ Small-arms 1-Kia and 6-Wia’s ***** 29Jan69 ***** Co. D- Ambush/Fire-Fight/3-NVA 1-Wia ***** 30Jan69 ***** Co. D- 3-4 Snippers/Ambushed 1-Kia and 4-Wia’s During pull back due to darkness the Kia was left(1-Kia/MIA) ***** 31Jan69 ***** Co. D- Body Recovery/Body MISSING/Sniper 1-Wia *****

31Jan69 ***** Co. C- Bunker Complex/Ambushed/small-arms/ MG 5-Kia’s and 5-Wia’s ***** 31Jan69 ***** 1/3 for the month of January continued search and destroy missions in the An Hoa Area with HEAVY Enemy contact and lots of Enemy equiptment captured. 1/3 sustained 24 KIA’s and 83 WIA’s, with 66 NVA/KIA’s and 1 POW for the month of January(CD Rom).***** 02Feb69 ***** Co. D- Contact/2-Snipers 2-Wia’s *****

03Feb69 ***** Co. B- Bunkers/Ambushed/4-NVA/small-arms 1-Kia, and 2-Wia’s ***** 03Feb69 ***** Co. B- Point man Assisting Platoon to Ambush above/Mistaken for Enemy/Friendly-Fire 1-Kia ***** 03Feb69 ***** Co. D- Combat Patrol/Approaching Platoon lines/Mistaken for Enemy/Friendly-Fire 1-Kia ***** 06Feb69 ***** Co. B- Contact 6-NVA/Fire-Fight/AK’s/Small-arms/Grenades 2-Wia’s ***** 06Feb69 ***** Co. D- RECOVERED Body of Kia/MIA from 30Jan69 Ambush in Shallow GRAVE ***** 07Feb69 ***** Co. B- Contact 8-NVA/Fire-Fight/AK’s 1-Wia ***** 14Feb69 ***** Co. D- Contact 5-NVA/Bunkers/Grenades 2-Wia’s ***** 28Feb69 ***** 1/3 continued participating in Operation “Taylor Common” in the An Hoa/ Antenna Valley area for Task Force YANKEE, 1st Mar Div from the 1st to the 15th of Febuary. 1/3 moved to Hill 55 from the 15th to the 21st. On the 21st was air lifted back to Quang Tri/Dong Ha and back to the “Rockpile” area till the end of the month. 1/3 sustained 3 KIA’s and 11 WIA’s with 7 NVA/KIA’s for the month(CD Rom). *****

15Mar69 to 02May69 MAINE CRAIG 

Province: Quang Tri- Laotian Border w/of Khe Sanh. Units: 1st Brig 5th Inf Div(HQ-US Army), 1/3, 2/3, 3/3, 1/12. Object: Third Marines assisting US Army in search and destroy missions south of Khe Sanh area .Marines end operation 29Apr69. Cost: USMC- 21 KIA and 134 WIA. Enemy losses 157 KIA. Unknown US Army losses for operation. 15Mar69 ***** Co. B- Accidental Detenation of M-33 Frag Grenade at Vandegrift CB/Friendly 2-Kia’s and 20-Wia’s ***** 20Mar69 ***** Co. A- Platoon Ambush/3-NVA/Fire-Fight 1-Wia *****

23Mar69 ***** Co. A- Man accidentally stabbed himself in leg with Knife/ Friendly 1-Injury(Wia) ***** 31Mar69 ***** 1/3 operated in the Vandegrift Combat Base, Thon Son Lam, Route #9 area providing security with Task Force HOTEL, 3rd Mar Div from the 1st till the 18th of March. On the 19th till end of month 1/3 participated in Operation “Maine Craig” along Route #926 to the Loation Boarded. 1/3 reported NO Casualities with 7 NVA/KIA’s and 2 POW’s for the month of March. 1/3 did sustain numerous casualities(2-Kia’s and 22-Wia’s) mostly accidental(CD Rom).***** 07Apr69 ***** Co. C and Bn Command- at FSB Sparks/Incomming 8-10 Rds 122mm Rockets 1-Wia *****

12Apr69 ***** Co. C- Squad Combat Patrol/Dense Foilage/ Two members observed/encountered 4-personel in draw, three appeared to be Orientals, the fourth was wearing a Marine cover, had BLONDE hair and Blonde Beard, wore green trouser and wore a wide Black Leather Belt with a bright Red cloth hanging from the left side. They did not fire due to possible friendlies in the Area, pulled back and reported to the unit leader. No Friendlies in Area, area fired into and air-strike, with negative results ***** 13Apr69 ***** Co. C- Squad patrol/Contact 6-NVA/Fire-Fight 1-Wia ***** 13Apr69 ***** Co. A- Platoon Night Ambush/Ambushed/2-3 NVA/ Automatic Weapons Fire 2-Wia’s ***** 30Apr69 ***** 1/3 continued missions along Route #926 with units E/2/3 and F/2/3 attached to them from the 1st till the 18th of April on Operation “Maine Craig”. On the 19th 1/3 was moved to Vandegrift CB, to Dong Ha, to Cua Viet, and had In-Country R&R at Cua Viet from the 22nd to the 27th. The 29th and 30th 1/3 moved to LZ Sparrol for preparation to start Operation “Virginia Ridge”. 1/3 sustained 1 KIA and 13 WIA’s with 72 NVA/KIA’s and 3 POW’s for the month. The assisting units sustained casualities(5-Kia’s and 18-Wia’s) while with 1/3 on Operation “Maine Craig”(CD Rom). *****

30Apr69 to 16Jul69 VIRGINIA RIDGE 

Province: Quang Tri- along the DMZ. Units: 3rd Mar(HQ), 1/3, 2/3, 3/3, 9th Mar, 1st Brig 5th Inf Div(US Army). Object: Third Marines search and destroy missions north of the Rockpile, assisted by other Marines and US Army.

Cost: USMC- 108 KIA, 490 WIA and 1 Missing. Enemy losses 560 KIA. ***** Operation “Virginia Ridge” was a Search and Destroy operation in the Cam Lo, Huong Hoa, and Gio Linh area of Quang Tri Province. During this operation a NEW TACTIC was to be attempted. Platoon size or smaller Patrols moving at least every 24 hours or less. This Tactic kept everyone on the move, and attempted to confuse the Enemy. For the total operation 1/3 sustained 45 KIA’s, 121 WIA’s, and 1 MIA. 1/3 was credited with 84 NVA/KIA’s and 2 POW’s for the entire operation (CD Rom). ***** 01May69 ***** Co. D- Platoon initial contact with 2-NVA,followed/Ambushed by unk size Emeny force/2-Machine Guns’s from Bunkers 9-Kia’s and 15-Wia’s ***** 02May69 ***** Co. C- 1-Grenade into lines 1-Wia ***** 03May69 ***** Co. D- Out Post contact 3-NVA/Fire-Fight/ Small-arms/Grenades 1-Wia ***** 05May69 ***** Co. A- Explosion of M-26 Grenade/Accidental/Friendly inside perimeter 6-Wia’s ***** 05May69 ***** Co. A- Later Accidental Discharge M-16 Rifle/Friendly-Fire 1-Wia ***** 08May ***** Co. C- Point Squad Contact 10-12 NVA dug in/Ambushed/ Fire-fight/Small-arms/Machine guns 2-Kia’s and 7-Wia’s ***** 09May69 ***** Co. D- Platoon/Ambushed/Camoflaged Bunker 1-NVA observed 1-Wia ***** 10May69 ***** Co. D and Yankee Command- Perimeter Attacked by a platoon size Enemy force at LZ/Small-arms/RPG’s/ChiCom Grenades 5-Kia’s and 8-Wia’s *****

12May69 ***** Co. D and Yankee Command- LZ Ironside/Mortar Attack/24 Rds 82mm mortars 10-Wia’s ***** 12May69 ***** Co. A- On move to new position/Mortar Attack/27 Rds 82mm mortars 6-Wia’s ***** 18May69 ***** Co. C- Listening Post Observed 10-12 NVA/Opened fire/ Returned to company lines/Lines received Small-arms/3-RPG’s/ 10-ChiCom Grenades 2-Wia’s *****

18May69 ***** Co. C- Ambushed from 3-NVA in Bunkers 1-Wia ***** 18May69 ***** Co. B- Assisted by Tanks/Tank hit Mine by company command post 5-Wia’s ***** 18May69 ***** Co. C- Night Listening Post Heard and Saw 10-NVA’s/Opened Fire and returned to company lines/Lines attacked/Small-arms/ 15-ChiCom Greneades into lines 3-Wia’s ***** 19May69 ***** Co. A- Mortar Attack/25 Rds 82mm mortars incoming 4-Kia’s and 17-Wia/s ***** 20May69 ***** Co. C- Night(early morning) Perimeter Attacked by 60-70 NVA/ Small-arms/Machine-guns/ChiCom Grenades/3-RPG’s 3-Kia’s and 13-Wia’s ***** 22May69 ***** Co. D and Yankee Command- 5 Hour Mortar Attack/120 Rds 82mm mortars 4-Kia’s and 9-Wia’s ***** 24May69 ***** Co. C- Mortar Attack/30-35 Rds 60mm mortars inside perimeter 10-Wia’s ***** 24May69 ***** Co. C- Second Mortar Attack later in day/15 Rds 60mm mortars 1-Wia ***** 25May69 ***** Co. B- Operating Special Operations “Centepede” with Recon Teams was north of DMZ/Mortar Attack/10 Rds 82mm mortars /Operation “PINK PANTHER” 2-Wia’s ***** 25May69 ***** Co. C- Mortar Attack/Operation “PINK PANTHER”/15 Rds 82mm mortars 1-Wia ***** 25May69 ***** Co. B- Mortar Attack/82mm mortars/one round into the increments pit of the Companies 81mm Mortars, setting them on fire, fire spread to the 81mm ammo in the ammo pit, this started the 81mm ammo going off, and the fire spread to a pallet of 81mm ammo near the position, causing it to EXPLODE. Marines attempting to put out the fire before the Explosion got to close. The explosion caused lots of Casualities, forced the Company to move off the hill, and prevented any Medivacs that night. Company B sustained 8-Kia’s, 29-Wia’s and had 2-MIA’s from this Accident/Friendly Fire incident. ***** 27May69 ***** Co. C- Mortar Attack/82mm mortars 1-Kia and 2-Wia’s ****

27May69 ***** Co. C- Another Mortar Attack/15 -20 rds 120mm Mortars 1-Kia and 5-Wia’s ***** 28May69 ***** Co. A- Night Ambush/Fired on/6-shots possible M-16/Fire-fight M-79 rds fired at enemy 1-Wia ***** 29May69 ***** Co. D- Mortar Attack/6-8 rds 60mm mortars 2-Wia’s ***** 31May69 ***** For the month of May 1/3 fased out of Operation “Maine Craig” into Operation “Virginia Ridge” North of Route #9 from the 1st till the 23rd. Between the 24th to the 28th, 1/3 participated in Operation “PINK PANTHER” to assist RECON Special patrols in the northern section of the DMZ, and across the Ben Hoi River. 1/3 then moved south and continued Operation “Virginia Ridge” the last couple of days of the month. 1/3 made Heavy Contact with the Enemy during May, sustaining 43 KIA’s and 160 WIA’s while inflicting 77 NVA/KIA’s and 2 POW’s on the Enemy(CD Rom). ***** 01Jun69 ***** Co. B- Road Sweep/2-anti-tank Mines hit by personel 2-Kia’s and 1-Wia ***** 27Jun69 ***** Co. A- Received 2-Rds believed to be Friendly 105mm Artillery within 100 meter of perimeter 1-Injury(dislocated shoulder) ***** 30Jun69 ***** From the 1st to the 24th of June, 1/3 provided security at A-4, C-2, C-3 Bridge, Cam Lo District Headquarters, and Khe Gio Bridge. These were more static positions with Light Enemy Contact, but still part of Operation “Virginia Ridge”. The 25th to the 30th the Battalion moved to a new AO, west of Con Thien and C-2 and north of Dong Ha Mnt FSB. For the month of June 1/3 sustained 2 KIA’s and 1WIA, with 6 NVA/KIA’s and 3 POW’s(CD Rom). ***** 03Jul69 ***** Co. D- Night Ambush approached LP outside company lines/ Noise heard/Fired one round/Friendly fire incident 1-Kia ***** 03Jul69 ***** Co. C- During a search/found body of Friendly shot in head/ apparent sniper from hill top area !-Kia(unknown) ***** 06Jul69 ***** Co. A- Fire inside perimeter caused the detonation of either a LAAW or Claymore mine 2-Casualities(Wia’s) ***** 07Jul69 ***** Co. C- Booby Trap/Tree mounted explosive device, possible ChiCom Grenade 7 feet off the ground 2-Wia’s *****10Jul69 ***** Co. A- Booby Trap/Small Explosive device/Platoon commander 2nd Plt injured, 1-Wia ***** 15Jul69 ***** Co. D- Accidental Discharge M-16/During smoke break/Striking Marine in head/Friendly Fire incident 1-Kia *****

17Jul69 to 27Sep69 IDAHO CANYON 

Province: Quang Tri- area S/W of Con Thien. Units: 3rd Mar(HQ), 1/3, 2/3, 3/3. Object: Third Marines search and destroy missions S/W of Con Thien. Cost: USMC- 95 KIA and 450 WIA. Enemy 565 KIA. Per 3rdmarines- operations operation Idaho Canyon was a 1st Mar Div and 101st Airborne operation west of Tam Ky in Quang Tin Province with 565 Enemy KIA and U.S. losses 159 KIA. 26Jul69 ***** Co. A- Airstrike in area, off course landing within 150 meters of the company, with one man hit in back by flying rocks from bomb blast 1-Injured(unknown if Wia) *****

31Jul69 ***** 1/3 continued on Operation “Virginia Ridge” from the 1st to the 8th of July. The 9th to the 22nd, 1/3 moved to a new AO by Hill 37 and a protion of Route #9. Convoy security was assumed at the end of this period. Between the 23rd and the 27th, 1/3 operated in the “Denial Zone” at the west end of Route #9 where CS GAS was used to impede movement into the area. Operation “Virginia Ridge” ended and Operation “Idaho Canyon” started in the same general area. For the month of July, 1/3 sustained 3 KIA’s, 1 WIA, and 1 MIA with 40 NVA/KIA’s(CD Rom). ***** 25Aug69 ***** Co. A- Patrol Ambush/Contact with 2-4 NVA/Fire-fight/Small- arms fire 1-Wia ***** 27Aug69 ***** Co. B- Night perimeter Attacked by Enemy Sapper Platoon. A vicious Grenade and Small-arms battle ensued, and the enemy attack was repulsed. The action resulted in the death of three Marines( including the company commander and the 2nd platoon commander). Numerous Medivac attempts by Helecopter in the LZ were forced off by RPG fire. Finally after enemy fire supressed one helecopter was able to extract casualities out of the rear wheels only LZ. 3-Kia’s and 9-Wia’s *****

30Aug69 ***** 1/3 continued missions in the “Idaho Canyon” Operations AO. Also provided Moblie Blocking Forces, for 2/3 and the 1st Bn. 11th Regiment(Mechanical) US Army in the northern and western portions of the AO. 1/3 sustained 5 KIA’s and 23 WIA’s, with 54 NVA/KIA’s for the month of August(CD Rom). ***** 21Sep69 ***** 1/3 continued operating in Operation “Idaho Canyon” from the 1st to the 21st of September in the Mutters Ridge/ Helecopter Valley area, and provided security for that section of Route #9 inside the AO. On the 21st, 1/3 received ORDERS to STAND DOWN from ALL OPERATIONS. 1/3 was airlifted from LZ Fuller to Vandegrift CB, with the 4th Marines assuming their duties. During the subsequent Truck Convoy from VCB to Quang Tri an aerial observer was overhead as security escort. 1/3’s COMBAT role, in Viet Nam had come to an END. 1/3 had sustained just 5 WIA’s and NO KIA’s while inflicting 22 NVA/KIA’s during its last few weeks of Combat. 1/3 began departing from the Republic of Viet Nam, with the last elements leaving apparently on October 6th, 1969(CD Rom). *****

1st Battalion 3rd Marines ARRIVED in Republic of Vietnam for COMBAT ACTION on 08Mar65, and was there till 06Oct69. 1/3 participated in most MAJOR OPERATIONS. 1/3 was in Vietnam a total of 1674 DAYS. 1st Battalion 3rd Marines, for the total time in Vietnam, sustained in excess of the following: 395-KIA’s, 2033-WIA’s(this includes the minor non-emergency type, Wiane), 1-MIA, and 8-DIED (two-drowned, one-desease, and others unknown causes). 1/3 also claimed credit for the following ENEMY stats: 2132-VC/NVA KIA’s(confirmed), 529-VC/ NVA KIA’s(probable), 60-VC/NVA WIA’s(probable), capturing 698-VCS, and 51-NVA/POW’s. Five months stats were missing ( three early months and two in 1968).

During the VIETNAM WAR/CONFLICT The Untied States MARINE CORPS total losses were 13,067 KIA and 88,633 WIA.