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        My name is Bill Ervin. During 1969, I served as a machine gunner with Delta Company 1/3  in Vietnam. And though a lot of years have passed (as well as a bit of hair) since those days, I still feel the pride of being a member of one of the finest groups of warriors the world has ever seen. The names and faces of our brothers may fade from our minds but the memories of the struggles and the triumphs, the camaraderie and the sacrifice will remain with us forever. We are a brotherhood.

     It is with the hope of keeping this brotherhood alive that I have created this web site. But I could not have done it alone. It is because of your suggestions and support that the site has grown to what it is today. I thank all who have helped with this. If you have suggestions or problems with this site, please write and let me hear what you have to say. Your input is more than wanted, it is necessary. Send your email to: billinnam@gmail.com

Semper Fidelis
Bill Ervin

In May of 2008, I moved to Vietnam to teach English in Da Nang for a year. You can keep up with my experience over there by checking out my blog at www.billinnam.blogspot.com . I will try to keep a record of what it is like to live and work in Vietnam on this site. While I am gone, Don Bumgarner has stepped up to serve as assistant web master. You can contact him at dbumc13usmc@verizon.net 

                                                Assistant Web Master -  Don "BUM" Bumgarner
My name is Don "BUM" Bumgarner and I served with Charlie Company 1/3, from February 1967 till I Rotated Home in March 1968. I joined the Company at Camp Schwab, Okinawa where the Battalion had returned from Vietnam to Re-Group and Re-Train for Deployment to Special Landing Force/Battalion Landing Team Alpha. In April we boarded the USS Okinawa with other Ships, and sailed for Vietnam. My first Operation BEAVER CAGE/Union, IF YOU were there, YOU Remember the Operation. After nine months of SLF/BLT, and MANY more Operations,  we ended up at A-3, and then the C-4 Area north of Cua Viet along the Coast. From C-4 we went to the Quang Tri Area, and MY March Rotation date, soon arrived. WHAT a Year(13 months), we all went from KIDS to MEN, and were ready to GO home, but Hated to Leave OUR FRIENDS in the NAM!

This is a picture of me at C-4 Area, in January 1968.


I am looking forward to ASSISTING and Being the Web Master in Bill's absence. I HOPE to maintain the High Quality and Excellent Web Site. If you were with 1st Battalion / 3rd Marines at any time, Hope you SIGN (Muster) In, and if you are ALREADY signed in, Check that Your Information is CORRECT. Everyday, MORE of Our Brothers, are starting to LOOK for those they SERVED with. I will continue to Look for a Couple of the Guys from my Tour. If you want to talk, my email is: dbumc13usmc@verizon.net !

This is ME at Home, in May 2006 at Whittier, California.

Semper Fidelis, Don B C/1/3