New Web Master  for our 1/3 Marines Web Site

After seventeen years, it's time for me to pass the torch as web master. It has been an honor to serve all of you and I have been rewarded many times over for the privilage of getting to meet and know so many of my fellow Marines. However, my life has moved into a new direction this year and I must step down as web master. I will be moving to Vietnam in May to teach English in Da Nang and will be gone for at least one year. I will not be able to maintain this site while I am away.

Don Bumgarner has stepped up to the plate to temporarily take over the web site. Don hasn't had much experience with web sites so give him a break when it comes to getting things posted in a timely fashion. He mentioned that he would really appreciate anyone who does have experience to step up and give him a hand.

I want to thank Don for taking on this responsibility and hope you will all give him any support he needs to keep our site informative and opperational.

Don's email address is


Semper Fidelis

Bill Ervin