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At our first chapter meeting the members voted to refrain from requiring our members to pay dues and fund ourselves by 'passing the hat' at our reunions. We will continue with this policy as long as we can. But as we grow, our expenses grow. Though our expenses are minimal, it costs money to post this website, we need refreshments at our meetings, we need flags and banners, we have mailings. Though passing the hat has worked, it seems there are always a few who offer to take up the slack at their personal expense.

Many of you who cannot attend our reunions have asked how you can help support our website and our chapter. Well, here is your opportunity. If you would like to make a donation to the Chapter, please send it to the address below. Your help and support is appreciated. Donations of $25.00 or more will receive The Complete History of 1/3 In Vietnam CD. Please add $5.00 for postage/handling, THANK YOU. Make your checks out to :

1st Battalion 3rd Marines

Don Bumgarner
409 E Kennedy St
Strafford, MO 65757

NEW  to the WEB SITE is a CD by Dr Donald F TEAL, M.D. Formerly, LT Medical Corps, USNR. Dr Teal was the Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS OKINAWA-LPH-3, while 1st Battalion / 3rd Marines were assigned to Special Landing Forces (SLF-A), from April 1967 to January 1968. Dr Teal was instrumental in setting up the Hospital aboard the USS OKINAWA, to handle Our Battalion Wounded. He had taken 8mm Camera Pictures of "B" Company Loading onto CH-34 Helicopters, at the start of Operation Beau Charger, May 18th, 1967 from the Bridge of the Ship. The CD contains 3 Chapters- Operation BEAU CHARGER -May 18, 1967, CASUALTY CARE-onboard USS OKINAWA, and MEDICAL CIVIL ACTION-Care of Civilians. IF you were WOUNDED or INJURED in the Field on any Operation, and returned to the USS OKINAWA Hospital, YOU were possibly treated by Dr Teal, or one of the other Surgeons or Corpsmen  who worked there. This CD is available  from ME-Don Bumgarner at the above mailing address, for a DONATION of $25.00 plus $5.00 postage/handling. Make checks payable to: 1st Battalion 3rd Marines.  THANK YOU  for your Continued SUPPORT to OUR BATTALION!

Do not send cash!!

The History Disk is Compatible with all Operating Systems

DR Teal's CD on SLF-A Operation BEAU CHARGER

Complete History of 1/3 in Vietnam With Maps

Maps Included on CD

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  • A detailed summary of all operations conducted by 1/3 in Vietnam

  • A list of all awards and citations earned by the battalion

  • A Memorial Page listing information about our fallen brothers

  • Statistics of Casualties in Vietnam

  • Field maps of 1/3's Areas of Operation

Don Bumgarner and Ron Asher (C-1-3 67-68) have spent several years compiling the history of 1/3 in Vietnam. This is probably the most complete record of the Battlion's activities in Vietnam that you will ever find. And now it is available on CD.

Besides the History of 1/3 in Vietnam 1965-1969; the History is also in each Company- A,B,C,D, and H&S; Information with web sites for Marine stuff; KIA List for 1/3 Marines 1967, KIA List with ALL 1/3 Marine's,  KIA Vietnam-Marine's only-Excel site-shows Last Unit Assignment, KIA Vietnam-Wall List with all Branches of Service-Excel site- shows Last Unit of Assignment; Maps-Da Nang, DMZ-1, and DMZ-2; Operations- Prairie-1, Hastings, Union, Hickory, Buffalo, and the Battle of Dai Do; List of Vietnam Periods of Conflict; and some more Generic Type PICTURES of Vietnam from Chu Lia north to DMZ (I-Corps only), which are some of MY Pictures (Don B)!

Send your $25.00 donation and $5.00 Postage & Handling to:

1st Battalion 3rd Marines/
Don Bumgarner

409 E Kennedy St
Strafford, MO 65757

All proceeds from these disks go to our chapter's General Fund.



Chronology Reports

Attention: These disks do not work with Vista

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Sample Page from 1/3 May 1969


While we were in Vietnam, a log of our companies' daily activities were recorded and put into Chronologies. Though these reports are brief, they contain a lot of information about what happened on specific dates. The six digit numbers preceded with YD are grid coordinates that can be plotted on the field maps we used. I use this information when I return to Vietnam to help locate exact positions of places where we were engaged.

Copies of this CD are available free through:
Marine Corps Historical Center
1254 Charles Morris Street SE
Bldg 58
Washington Navy Yard DC 30374-5040

One copy will be sent free. There is a $10.00 charge for each additional copy and it takes from 3 to 6 weeks for delivery.


Now these Chronologies are listed at the following web site:



Field rosters and names of casualties are not listed in these reports. This information is recorded in Unit Diaries and they have not become available on CDs at this time. You can get printed copies of this information by writing to

Records Service Station
MMSB-10, "Unit Diaries"
Headquarters, U. S. Marine Corps
2008 Elliot Rd, Suite 202
Quantico, VA 22134-0580

Be sure to tell them the unit and the dates of interest.