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Reunion 2019
Branson, MO. Sept 17th to 22nd
Radisson Hotel Branson
120 South Wildwood Drive
Branson, MO 65616
(417) 335-5767

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HOPE to see you there!


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We had an outstanding turnout with over 120 1/3 Marines in attendance(2007 Las Vegas Reunion). Many of the first-timers found men they have not seen in forty plus years. This is what it's all about and they just keep getting better! Each Year we lose a Friend or Two, so HOPE you can make it to the next REUNION! See ya there!

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Our Chapter

Chapter Mission
The purpose of our chapter is to promote the camaraderie and brotherhood of all Marines and Navy Corpsmen who have served with or were attached to the 1st Battalion / 3rd Marines. It has been said that the Third Marines has the longest combat record of any regiment in the Marine Corps. We have an honorable past and the Third Marines are continuing to make themselves an active force in the Marine Corps today. It is our mission to offer a platform where we can come together and honor our past as well as enjoy the company of those who share our understanding of what it means to be a Marine.

Regardless of the era you served with 1/3, you are invited to join with us. While it is not required to be a member to attend our annual reunions or to be listed on the web site's company rosters, only Association members have the right to hold office, to vote on new officers, and be part of the policy making body of our chapter. Membership is open to all 3rd Division Association members who are in good standing and have served with or have been attached to the 1st Battalion / 3rd Marines. To become a member of the Third Marine Division Association, visit our web site at and download a membership form from their MEMBERSHIP section.

At our first official meeting, we voted not to require dues from our members. We opted instead to pass the hat at our gatherings to cover the cost of refreshments and other expenses. This has worked well for us and we hope to continue this policy. We also accept donations from any 1/3 Marine who wants to support our efforts. If you would like to make a contribution, click on 'support' on the menu above. We do encourage you to join the Third Division Association, however. It is through their help that we are able to exist.

1st Battalion / 3rd Marines Chapter Officers

President Don Bumgarner Charlie Company Vietnam 67-68
Vice President Ken Burkitt Charlie Company Vietnam 67/68
Secretary Roger Bacon Charlie Company Vietnam 67/68
Treasurer/Business-Manager Roger Henry Charlie Company Vietnam 67/68
Sergeant at Arms Bill Taylor Charlie Company Vietnam 67/68
Judge Advocate Not Filled    
Chaplain Frankie Harris Bravo Company Vietnam 68/69

Chapter History

I don't think there is an official date that Marines of 1/3 began gathering around a table at 3rd Marine Division Association's reunions and shared stories from our past. In the early days there were usually no more than six or seven of us. As the years passed, more Marines joined us and, in 1992, we decided to hold a semi-formal meeting. We realized there was a need for former Marines to find their old buddies or at least men who served with them. In 1998 we petitioned the 3rd Division Association to modify their bylaws to allow chapters to be formed around designated units. The 1st Battalion / 3rd Marines officially began a chapter in the 3rd Marine Division Association in 2000, the first unit chapter in the Association. Today, we can count on between 50-70 members to be at our yearly reunions and the numbers keep growing.

2006 Reunion Milwaukee, WI 

This year's reunion in Milwaukee was great for those of us who attended. More than forty 1/3 Marines joined in for a week of good times. At our members meeting, the existing officers were unanimously voted into office for one more year. We also held a raffle that brought us in enough money to once again donate $500.00 to the Association's Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Arlington, VA 2005 Reunion

The 1/3 Chapter met in Arlington in August for one of our most successful reunions yet. We had over one hundred 1/3 Vets and family members show up for this one. It is always a treat to get back together with the Marines who have shared so much. This year, we set up a bunker where we could meet and BS throughout the reunion. Though the room was smokier than a hot LZ, it was well attended until the wee hours of the morning. I am sure that having a bathtub full of cold beer had nothing to do with it. 
                                                                       2007 Reunion Las Vegas, NV
The BATTALION had a GREAT Turn-Out at the Las Vegas Reunion. The Mini-1/3-Reunion on Thursday Aug 16, 2007 was well attended also, with over 100 formers members of the Battalion. WOW! Total attendance with family, friends, and guests was  between 250-300. Great Time had by ALL there.

This is the PICTURE of C/1/3 at the Mini-Reunion. Not ALL C/1/3 were in the picture, as some guys were outside the room on a Smoke Break.

This is the PICTURE of D/1/3 at the Mini-Reunion. The picture is from Oscar De La Garza D/1/3 1966-67.

(L to R seated: Oscar DE LA GARZA, Ken L. HICKS, Gunny GESAULDI, Winfield A. SPEARS, Ron R. BURTON, Sal TRUJILLO, Tom FRATE. Standing: Rod BREWER, Raymond M. KELLEY, Bill ERVIN, Bill SIMS, and Jerry FURMANSKI)

This is the PICTURE of H&S/1/3 at the Mini-Reunion. The picture is from Oscar De La Garza H&S/1/3 in 1967.

(L to R seated: Oscar DE LA GARZA, unk, unk, Sal TRUJILLO, and Standing: unk, Dale NORTHCUTT aka "LURCH", Tom LAING, and unk).

This is the PICTURE of B/1/3 at the Mini-Reunion. The picture is from Dave Bubonics B/1/3 60mm Mortars in 1967.

(L toR seated: Dave BUBONICS, Bill unk Last Name, unk, unk, Capt Burrell LANDES, and standing: Tom ROBERTS, unk, Bill HEAD, John McINNERY, unk, unk, and unk).

This is a picture of Roger BACON(Ohio), Ken BURKITT(Illinois), Don BUMGARNER(me-California), and Ron ASHER(California-left to right).  ALL of us were in 2nd Battalion MCRD Training, then together at ITR, Machine Gun School, Staging BN, and Joined C/1/3 in Feb 1967. This was the first time, in almost 40 years that the four of us were TOGETHER again. GREAT Time too.
This is a picture of George ANGILAN(Kansas), Ray BLESSINGER(New York), Don BUMGARNER(me-California), John KAUFMAN(Colorado), and Tom SOBIERANSKI(Michigan-left to right). WE were all in C/1/3 60mm Mortars together for approx 3 months. Bless, Sobie, and ME had served most of OUR Tour together. This was OUR first time TOGETHER again in almost 40 years. WOW! GREAT time Together Again! 
                                                               2008 Reunion Islin, New Jersey
This is a picture of C/1/3 at the Mini-Reunion. The picture by Ward Downey. (Front Row kneeling left to right) Jerry WILLIS, Unknown, Ward DOWNEY, and Lee LEVESQUE (2nd and 3rd Rows standing behind-from left to right) Richard HAGOOD, Warren LINDBORG, David DANIELS, Lloyd WHITTAKER, Roger HENRY, Ron LAWRENCE, and Ron SUTTON.

MORE pictures from 2008 Reunion from Jerry WILLIS and Ward DOWNEY- the Beach, the Mini 1/3 Reunion, the REID Memorial and BBQ, and the Main BANQUET. 

                                                                  2009 Reunion San Antonio, Texas
Battalion Group Picture from Dave Bubonics B/1/3
Battalion Group Picture from Dave Bubonics B/1/3
"B" Company Group Picture from Dave Bubonics B/1/3
                                                                              2010 Reunion Charleston, South Carolina
"A" Company at  the Mini-Reunion
"B" Company at the Mini-Reunion
"C" Company at the Mini-Reunion
"D" Company at the Mini-Reunion
"H&S" Company at the Mini-Reunion
With MOST Tours in VIETNAM being approx 40 years or so ago, NOW is the TIME to START attending the YEARLY Reunions by the 3rd Marine Division Association. With OUR 1st Battalion / 3rd Marines Mini-Reunion at the same time during the Reunion, there will be Your Old BUDDIES there too. WOW! What a Fantastic and GREAT Time the Reunion in Las Vegas was last year. It was my FIRST Reunion, though I had attended a Mini-1/3-Reunion a couple years ago. IF Possible, TREAT Yourself and GO Celebrate with Your Old FRIENDS! YOU won't be SORRY, and YOU will have a GREAT Time too. Semper Fi, Don Bumgarner. (Assistant Web Master)
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